7 thoughts on “Scribblins

  1. you can’t excel at anything unless you keep trying. plus scribblin’ & doodlin’ is a great way to find your personal style.

    • Exactly! Thanks Tiffany! I have to branch out of what I usually do. Try different things, get more patience for drawing details. When I give a drawing my FULL attention, I’m capable of drawing really great. Not picture-quality but I’ve drawn a couple of things that were close in the past. But my folly is that I get rushy haha.

  2. very nice coleen! i love your style :)

    Katie, i’m gonna have to look at her site when I have more time! I only clicked on it for a second, but it already has my interest!

    • Thanks Kristyn! It’s a little too dry or something. I like yours, it has a sense of humor. I really have to work on mine a LOT.

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