Baptism Footage/Pictures Needed for Documentary Film

Photo Courtesy of Joe Shlabotnik

Hi guys,

A letter from the Editor here. Me and Krissy are working for a guy that is making a documentary. He needs footage and photos of adult and children’s Baptisms. It doesn’t matter what religion from so long as there’s person/water.

It’s a non-paying gig but you will get credit in the documentary. I’ll send you more specific info if you’re interested but the long and short of it is this:

It’s for a Journal about Religion that the Director is an Editor of. It’s not swayed to any particular religion or political perspective. The documentary is mostly comprised of interviews and the footage/photos will be used with the interviewers voices over it more likely than not.

If you might be interested, have some questions or just want to know what the heck it is I am jabbering on about, email me at or at any one of the sundry other ways to contact me if you know what they are.

Thanks dudes!
(Back to your regularly scheduled programming.)
Coleen : )

Photo courtesy of Mijonju

2 thoughts on “Baptism Footage/Pictures Needed for Documentary Film

    • Ya know what, he actually decided he just wants adult baptisms more than kids. Thanks though. I’ll letchu know in case that changes. Thanks Tiffany! :)

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