Developed Negatives Part 2!

These pictures are all from my lunchtime staggers around Santa Monica.  This is my favorite street and also my favorite shot.  I don’t know what these trees are called but I love them:

I love the shadows that these trees created on the ground:

Here is a weird shopping cart that was just out on the street.  I dont’ know what kind of store this cart would even be for:

Closeup of said cart:

Behind these fences is a nursery school. Cute:

Here’s Monster in a reclining position (what else is new).  Either these negatives are really dirty or there was an actual Monster hair on the negative:

This is just a place I walk by all the time called the “Baha’i Center”.  I’m not sure what it is but I liked the shadows:

I took this picture because of the crow.  There are a ton of crows in Santa Monica for some reason.  So beautiful and so big:

Here is my job/internship.  Pretty:

Here’s a closer shot of the building.  I love the plants they have on the front:

Here’s a blurry/crazy picture of my son Monster.  He’s yawning:

Here’s just some flowers:

This picture of the bus was taken with my Holga.  None of the pictures really came out great besides this one.  Back to the drawing board:

So there’s what I did all day yesterday.  I need to buy more Developer already.  I messed up and only bought a quart although I bought way more than that of the Fixer and Stop Bath.  Soon I’ll get more and develop more pictures.  Fun times.

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