Developed Negatives Part 1!

These are some of the pictures from the day we hung out with the Living Dead in Venice Beach, California. They aren’t masterpieces by a long shot and the negatives are dirty but I’m giving myself a big old pat on the ass for effort…AND they didn’t come out looking too shabby. I just have to work on making my pictures sharper. I’m near-sighted so it’s hard for me to get pictures tack sharp.

This first picture is just of a mural I liked:

Here is a bunch of t-shirts for sale on the “boardwalk”.  It’s less a boardwalk than a strip of souvenir shops on one side and merchants on the other.  I liked the Crybaby and Edward Scissorhands shirts:

The guy on the weird roller skates on the right is a Venice Beach legend named Harry Perry.  He’s been rolling around and playing the guitar on Venice since the 70’s.  Takes all kinds, folks, takes all kinds.  Glad he’s happy:

Here’s a bike/skating lane in front of the beach.  You’re not allowed to be on it unless you’ve got wheels.  This negative is DIIIIRTY!

This is the boardwalk and beach:

Here is a Scary Clown wandering the boardwalk.  He was actually one of the only people who didn’t attack us or invade our personal bubble.  I didn’t make eye contact though:

I don’t smoke the Ganga myself but I think it should be legalized if only so that the government’s money and manpower can be put into something else.  Also, if it were legalized, it could create enterprise and industry and therefore jobs.  That being said, Marijuana is legal-ISH in California but it’s this blatant dealing that’s actually about to make it illegal again.  There were SO many braindead fools on this boardwalk blatantly thumbing their noses at “the man” by trying to draw people into this “doctor’s office”.  I even wanted to shut these fools down.  It’s the sort of thing where they’re ruining it for everybody.  People who want to do it at home and watch movies and cancer patients who need it to feel better are gonna get the shaft bc these no-good-niks can’t show a little self-control.  Blerg.

Vitriol aside, there are a lot of pretty murals in Venice:

And here is the World-Famous Muscle Beach.  That statue is of a body builder, ha:

And I have no idea who this guy is but I love this painting.  I wish that the sun was shining on this side of the building so the picture wouldn’t be so washed out.  I took a darker one but then everything else was too dark.  Trials and tribulations I tell you:

I just liked the shadows on this little table and chairs.  This is across the street from the mural of the guy (above):

Here’s an out of focus picture of Krissy.  I included it bc she’s Krissy and therefore necessary:

Here’s a picture of the Muscle Beach Gym.  From what I gathered, Muscle Beach is a beach with activities on it and then also a gym.  The beach section has baloncesto courts on it, I *think* volleyball courts, rings to swing on and other physical stuff, it was cool.  But here is the musclehead gym:

Here’s people giving out shit.  No thanks sir, I don’t want a copy of your reggae CD:

Here is ZOLTAR!!!:

And here’s a funny guy named “Big Kahuna”.  I’ve never seen this bitch before:

I have some more pictures that I will upload in a minute or two.  Sorry for not making this post a gallery one, I just actually MADE these pictures and wanted to show them properly!

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