Post Secret

I don’t know if you guys read Post Secret* but these two secrets just made me want to repost them.

This first one is the exact reason why I think cheating is ridiculous. You’re not only hurting the person you love beyond belief but you’re going above and beyond to make sure your own life sucks. Why would you do that? Ridiculousness:


And this one below is exactly what I want for myself. It’s a no-brainer but I like they way they said it:


 * In case you don’t know what Post Secret is, a man in Maryland allows people to send their secrets to him on post cards.  It can be anything.  Some of them are silly, some are SERIOUS.  Some are creatively made, others aren’t.  On Sundays (or Saturday nights), he posts them on his blog which I’ve linked to above.  He’s also published a lot of books with the secrets in them.  Another weird thing is that people also like to make secrets and stick them in the books in the bookstore.  I’ve yet to see it but a lot of people claim to have found them.  Anyway, it’s just really interesting and I love reading them every week and thought I’d point out two that I like.


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