Kristyn Juggles!!!

Kristyn’s Dad got into doing kids’ magic a couple of years ago. He got invited to go to some “Secret Magic Meetings” which we, of course, loved. She eventually found a way to wheedle her way into the meetings and started learning card and ball tricks and was really good at it. He started doing kids’ parties and eventually wanted to bring Kristyn into it. I somehow got thrown into the mix as well but I have like, zero skills at doing magic.

At Montclair High School in New Jersey, a juggling class was advertised. We decided to take it because it looked fun and we figured it could be something we could add to her father’s show. Kristyn caught on immediately. She’s GOOD. I was recovering from a back injury so bending down to pick up the ball every four seconds kind of hampered me a bit.

But for reals, who am I kidding? Kristyn is just really good at this and I am not. She doesn’t think she’s good at this at all and to that end I say, “Are you seriously kidding me right now?” She recorded a few videos today and they are posted below. Take a few seconds to watch them, they’re not long and they’re really impressive. They’re all good but the third one is my favorite.

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