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I’ve been reading abeautifulmess all day and all night and I am so inspired to create! I started making a doll last night. I’m not done yet. I have been meaning to make one for a while. We’ll see how it goes. For some reason I really love making dolls.

Also, I did the second Richard Simmons tape today. It was really fun. I really think that Richard Simmons is the most ridiculously cute person. I passed out at work the other day because I found out that he has a studio here in LA THAT HE ACTUALLY TEACHES AT!!! Once I get a job, first stop Slimmons. I really like the 80’s people in it and I like how encouraging he is. He looks into the camera and says, “YOU CAN DO THIS” all the time, haha. And it’s so silly. It’s not a SERIOUS WORKOUT, but it totally does work you out. I was sweating afterward and my whole body feels tired now. I think there are six videos, one of which is a self-help tape where he talks you into loving yourself. In this one, he wears pants. I can’t wait. Right now I’m doing them one at a time and then I’ll go through them all again. The last one is the one I can’t wait for. It’s all disco music. And you KNOW how I love disco music.

Also, I think it’s time for me to start watching “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” again. Before last year, I’d never seen it before. Well, not true, I’d seen a couple of episodes and got turned off by the monsters. It’s not like I don’t like monsters (my cat’s named Monster), I just didn’t feel like the monster makeup was “believable”, haha. Ah the self-righteous 90’s. Good times, good times.

This is for my sister Christine, she likes to see unmolested peanut butter.

Also, I don’t know why but I’ve been thinking about bullies a lot lately and specifically the word “bully”. It’s a perfect word. If someone is giving you a hard time and you call them an asshole or a bitch, they’ll laugh it off and turn it back on you for “taking it there”, no? If you call them a bully though, that is the perfect way to stick it back to them. I’ve been bullied a lot in my life for one reason or another (who hasn’t?) and I’ve always let the bully win by letting them get me angry. Then the gossip is not that I was bullied but that I got angry. Bully: 1, Me: 0. I’m not that clever when it comes to being a bully so I fall for that shit every single time.

And Kristyn sent me an Ani DiFranco song the other day the reminded her of me. She sent it to me in an email that said, “This song sounds like u wrote it!! <3” If you are an Ani DiFranco fan, you know that is a HUGE compliment because there is no greater lyrics writer on the planet. Really what she meant is that it sounds like shit I’ve said about “subtle bullying”. Here it is:

Pick Yer Nose lyrics

How come I can pick my ears
but not my nose
who made up that rule anyway
how can you say that’s the way it is
that’s just the way it goes
why don’t you decide for yourself
what you can do
and what you can say

how come I can pick my friends
but not my enemies
what is it about me that offends
what is it about me
’cause you know I’m only five foot two
and I’m giggly wiggly
tell me again, what did I do
why are you scared of me
I fight with love
and I laugh with rage
you’ve gotta live light enough
to see the humour
and long enough to see some change

I think shy is boring
I think depressed is too
I think pretty is nice
but I’d rather see something new
all these plastic people
got their plastic surgery
but we got a big big beautiful
we got it for free
who you gonna be
if you can’t be yourself
you can’t get it from t.v.
you can’t force it on
anybody else

you know they come to clear cut
they come to strip mine
they come for some of my big butt
my big brain
or just a little time
they wanna take me out to dinner
think I’m a bitch if I don’t go
seems like the people who actually like me
won’t allow me to say no
your idea of a conversation
is the third degree
but I don’t really know you
and I don’t really want to talk about me

’cause I’m not going to pretend
that I don’t pick my nose
that’s just the way it is, my friends
that’s just the way it goes
this is who I am
what I do
and what I say
if you like it, let it be
if you don’t, please do the same
I fight with love
I laugh with rage
you gotta live light enough to see the humour
and long enough to see some change

I bolded and the parts that really resonate with me (although the rest does too).  This isn’t directed toward anyone, it’s “just the way it goes”.

Here’s the song:

4 thoughts on “Inspiration/Fitness/Bullies

  1. Fuck Bullies. What’s great about bullies is that everyone knows the definition of a bully is a person who makes other people feel bad because they really feel bad about themselves. Who wants that to be them? Once you tell them they’re a bully they have to come to terms with the fact that they suck.

    • Totally agree. There isn’t a comeback for that. “No you’re a bully!” doesn’t come off cool. Calling a bully a bully just takes the wind straight outta their sails. Even if they don’t think they’re being a bully, that’s definitely going to stop them in their tracks. That’s gotta feel like shit that the person you’re bullying sees you as you are.

  2. Hah, I called someone a bully the other week! They turned beat red! I just blurted it out too. I was like, omg, what bully. I’m being bullied! I said it in front of a bunch on people. Totally did take the wind outta their sails…altho then they were mean to me for the rest of the night so I didn’t win that big a prize…

  3. THAT must be why I’m thinking about that word! Good work! I’m glad you did, there’s literally no comeback to that that’s satisfying.

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