I did it!

I finally mixed my developing solution! I’m going to develop some pictures now. *Whew!*

UPDATE: Now that I’ve developed the chemicals, I’ve forgotten how to use them. Stop and fixer are “working materials”.  Developer is supposed to be diluted even further but I can’t figure out how.  To throw an even bigger wrench into the mix, I’ve lost my thermometer.  I am actually going to just use the developer full strength and without a thermometer.  Wish me luck.  (Oh and I’m sorry about the weird color text, I’m just into it right now.

UPDATE #2: It worked!!!  The negatives look dark though so the pictures are kinda overexposed.  This is definitely a developing problem methinks bc the film is 35mm but shot with a Holga.  You can’t control light on a Holga.  But it was daylight shot with 100.  Either way, they developed, woo hoo!

Also, I’ve been wanting to make Irish Soda Bread since St. Patrick’s Day. I felt like I had recntly bought baking soda but couldn’t find it. I keep forgetting to buy it. After a month of thinking about this, I found it on my counter. I must’ve bought this a while ago and never put it away. Then it got pushed to the back and became part of the landscape. I’m ridiculous.

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