How I Laughed Myself Awake

Rachel and Matt (Picture taken from Matt's FB Page!)

This morning I literally laughed myself awake. I was laughing so hard. I was dreaming that I was hanging out with Matt and Rachel (see above). A bunch of us went to a concert and had a loooootta brewskis. We were having a really great time and went back to their house afterward. I think me and Kristyn were staying over their house. They had a kid in the dream (which they don’t) and she was an adorable five-year old. In the dream, the little girl was laughing at me for doing something clumsy. I was laughing really hard at what she said and in the middle of that Rachel came down the stairs we were standing on and missed the last step. She kind of hit the wall and a little shelf of knicknacks came down on her head. This made us laugh even harder (she was okay). I know that dream stories are boring for those that didn’t dream them but this is the sort of thing that could actually happen. I hope it does someday because we were having a really good time.

So me laughing so hard started kind of knocking me out of the dream but what really got me out of it was Kristyn screaming, “WHAT’S SO FUNNY?! WHAT’S SO FUNNY?!” Good times…

Also, we got a postcard in the mail from my Granma this morning. She just got home from a two week trip to Scotland. My cousin Kaleigh is a competetive Irish dancer and went to Glasgow to compete in a World’s competition. My Aunts, Uncle and cousins went for that week. Granma went for an extra week to chill with friends. I am dyyyyyyying to go!

Love you, Granma

Here’s a little drawing I did of me and Krissy last night. I haven’t drawn in a while so it was fun. Maybe I’ll start carrying a little notebook around and do it when the mood strikes just to get better at it/be creative. I really want to write a graphic novel but I can’t seem to get the format right. I’m not a bad drawer but not good enough to draw a teeny tiny little scene. We’ll see. (Also I forgot Kristyn’s beauty mark. Boo…)

I'm on the left and Krissy's on the right. This is how we always stand together too.

5 thoughts on “How I Laughed Myself Awake

  1. OK, so I totally laughed at your Matt & Rachel dream, AND your drawing made me smile because it reminded me of when you were taking your drawing class. Come to think about it, you may have taken oodles of drawing classes, but I only remember one. I specifically remember you giving tips on how to best draw a face (“put the eyes in the middle of the face shape & even with the ears, even though it kind of looks like an alien at first”).
    I’ve no idea why I remember this… just thought I’d share! =)

    • Haha, yeah I’ve taken a couple of drawing classes but I remember taking that class you’re talking about. It was a JC State! I still draw faces/bodies the way they taught me in that class! Haha…

    • AND, Allison, that dream was SO realistic. I will seriously be surprised if it doesn’t come true. IDK if Matt and Rachel are planning on having kids but they should, that little girl was adorable and very witty (and tolerant of our rabble-rousing which is always good times.)

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