Kristyn Skateboards!

We haven’t been able to go Roller Skating or Swimming lately because we are broke-ass-broke. It is officially time for Coleen to get a job. It’s not that I’m not tryin, it’s that they’re not callin. I went on three interviews recently and I’m pretty sure that all of them “went a different way”. The first interview went pretty good but I basically knew off the bat that I was classed out of the job. The second and third interviews went great and I really thought I made a great impression BUT…apparently I wasn’t “second interview material”. SO, back to the drawring board with me.

In the meantime, Krissy has decided she wants to learn how to skateboard. She had a coupla gift certificates to Target and Amazon and decided to buy a cheapie to see if she even likes doing it before upgrading to the real deal. There’s a great skate shop around the corner from us. Pro skaters actually shop there. We went in there to talk roller skates with the proprieter and he’s the bomb. He really really knows his stuff.

The good news is that she really likes it. I had a couple of friends who used to skate in high school and I tried to block out memories of being forced to watch them skate endlessly. However, some of that information must have sunk itself deeply in my brain because once Kristyn started talking skateboards, all this weird information dislodged and surprised us both.

That being said, Kristyn is a quick learner and is doing great with it. She keeps trying to get me to do it but if I’m bad on roller skates, I am hoooo-rendous on a skateboard. My ex-BF Nick used to try to get me to do it. He’d hold onto my shoulders while I stood on the board. Even just standing on the board used to make it shoot out from underneath me. IDK, I’ll “have to see” (aka, don’t go holdin your breath).

In other exercise news, I jogged a little last week. It felt great. And then I had my fall du jour last week which made my ankle a lil tender and kind of stopped me from attempting to jog again. This past weekend though, our friend (and previous HR Representative) Dana sent us something in the mail that will make your eyeballs explode for us to add to our exercise repertoire. I’ll tell you about it lata.

Another thing I’ve started doing is tracking the food I eat in an app called iWatchr. IDK if I’ve already talked about that here but if you like doing Weight Watchers, this app is THE BOMB.

I’ll leave this right here so I can go to my next blog post and tell you other very important information.

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