We’ve got a hater in the hizzy

Kristyn SW-EARS she doesn’t hate romance movies…will cut you if you infer that she does and THEN. If I watch a romance movie and tell her about it she is all “Yeah. Sure. That’s stupid. Ugh. Ridiculous.” Haha. She says the key is Romantic CO-ME-DIES. Without the comedy, she ain’t havin it. She said, “I HATE tearjerkers. I cry enough as it is.” Haha. Then she passed out. G’nite.

I have to hand it to her that the plot of “The Time Traveler’s Wife” (which I was describing) was a little far-fetched:


So he gets a haircut, goes to the bathroom and disappears for five minutes and comes back through a window 40 years old. He gets married with gray hair, disappears and shows up in his twenties. He apologizes for missing the ceremony and she tells him he didn’t.

They try to get pregnant but she keeps losing it bc the fetus is time travelling out of her womb. He gets a vasectomy and she’s pissed so she makes him sleep on the couch. She gets a phone call from his younger self and picks him up in a car. She cheats on him with himself and gets pregnant by his younger, pre-vasectomy self.


So yeah, I smell what she’s steppin in but it was so sad! I cried and cried and ugly-cried. I love me some crying movies though, weeee doggies…

And here’s a movie that I ugly-cried to in the theater that Kristyn wants to lobotomize me for liking:

And here’s one she won’t touch with a ten foot pole although it’s SO GOOD:

I’ve been trying to watch more movies lately and have also been trying to embrace my love of tearjerkers. Basically I’ve been tearjerking all day long.

I’ll leave it right there.

Happy Easter!

P.S. Please disregard EVERYTHING you’ve read above (cept that Kristyn’s a hater) as they as the ravings of a woman who has not had a full nights’ sleep in five days haha. G’nite!

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