I have a lot to tell you

Unhappy Meal from gothsinhotweather.com

But not now.  I have to go in the shower, feed the animals and then go to apply to some jobs.  I have an interview tomorrow.  I also got emailed for a no/lo pay job as a Production Assistant on a Documentary so we’ll see what happens with that.

Vanessa came and stayed with us and we had a blast, still have to post pictures of that.

We are positively broke so we’ve been staying in/around the house and watching things “On Demand” which has been fun although morbid. In the past week I’ve watched:

* A documentary called “Boy Interrupted” about a 15-year-old boy’s struggle with mental illness and his eventual suicide as told by his parents who are filmmakers.

* Saw V. My mother has been watching all the Saw movies since I started Interning and it made me want to watch it too while I applied for jobs.

* The Eye. This movie is about a blind woman (Jessica Alba) who gets an eye transplant but gets the eyeballs of a dead woman. She starts seeing flashes of this woman’s murder or something but I wasn’t paying much attention because I was applying for jobs.

* Fatal Attraction. I’ve never seen this before and was tired of being curious. It was pretty good although the rabbit scene was over-hyped. What about that scene where she touches his face and…Ugh you’ll have to see it yourself.

* Twilight. I saw this in the theater but decided I wanted to give it a re-whirl. Not as good as I remembered it. Hate to be a hater but whatevs.

* Kung Fu Panda. I turned this off like 20 mins in because I guess it was too kid-friendly. Man Springtime brings out the didi-goth in a bitch.

* A documentary on Black Market Organ donation on CNBC. It was gross and scary and basically talked me OUT of becoming an organ donor OR cremation because I don’t want to be senselessly hacked at. But thankfully they spent the last like ten seconds going “Oh well of COURSE you shouldn’t be scared to donate. We’re all gonna. *end scene*” Thanks for that guys.

* Two straight hours of “To Catch a Predator Raw: The Unseen Tapes”. Ugh, WHY do I allow myself to watch this show?! And WHY can I not shut it off once it’s on?! *shiver*

On the pozzy side, I have started watching “The Ricky Gervais Show”. I’d been meaning to watch it but six episodes slipped by me. The show is funny because it’s all cartoons based on Ricky Gervais, Stephen Merchant and Karl Pilkington’s podcasts, all of which I listened to last year or the year before at work while slapping together medical journals. It’s funny to re-listen to them and to see them put to cartoon. I wish they’d do that for Smodcast but Kevin Smith already put the ki-bosh on those shenannigans.

Speaking of which, I am in a Smodcast swirl like whoa. If you guys don’t know what that is, it’s Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier’s podcasts. They’re really funny and comforting for some reason.

Also, I finally jogged a bit yesterday. I’m not going to pressure myself to make it a regular thing, just when the mood strikes a bitch. I’m like a “kid gloves” type-person. I have a habit of taking things from zero to sixty and then giving up so for the past year or two my approach to diet and exercise has been to kind of dip a toe in and “See? That’s not so bad…” So basically I’m playing airplane with myself so I don’t wig out because “all this hard work is unfair!”. I know I’m crazy and I’ve made peace with that shit.

I am also one of those bitches that used to try to fuckock the alarm clock to try to get myself up earlier. I’ll set the time to be like 20 mins earlier than it is so when the alarm goes off at 7am, it’s really 6:40. All this really does is make me do math when I’m vaguely asleep to figure out the real time. You’d think equations alone would wake a bitch up but then you’d be wrong. All that does is make me do FAULTY mathematics and wake up way later than I plan.

ALSO, I’ve begun keeping a food log again. I found a cool app in my iphone called iWatchr that will keep track of my food, save “favorited” food items and give me a tracker per week on my weight loss. I’m not going to go too gaga over this just yet because again, I need a little bit of trickery. I’m going to just eat as I’m eating, blahblahblah and then see how much I’m going over my allotted Weight Watchers points. I’m too broke to go to the meetings so I’m going to skip that but I know what I’m doing anyway. I’ll log it all down and eventually the guilt will consume me and I’ll start trying to stick to my allottment and that’ll be that.

So now I have to go in the shower and get ready. I applied to at minimum 120 jobs this week online. Some were from my friend Mika (shout out!) and the rest were from my hot little fingers clickety clacking away on the keyboard in my usual spots. I’m looking for mainly entertainment jobs or like retail jobs while I’m still at this internship. I’m not going to leave this opportunity unless it’s for something great. If I get a retail job, I’ll fit it around the internship as it’s only for another month. If I don’t get an entertainmet job by the beginning of May (when the internship ends), I will start heavily applying for jobs in any field (although I’m already applying to those too, it’s just not my top priority at the moment).

Okay time to feed the cats and get ready to go to the Glendale Galleria to find jobs spraying people with perfumes!

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