What I feel like doing…

Is developing film. I need to mix the chemicals though and then bring them up to the proper temperature. I have the chemicals and I have the containers, I’m just nervous to start the process.

Mixing the chemicals is NOT that hard nor is developing the film. None of it is that complicated and I have everything I need. I just have this mental block *for EVERYTHING* that the more I want to do something, the less likely I am to allow myself to do it. Dumbass.

So instead I’m fooling around with iTunes because that doesn’t take much effort. *sigh*

Well, iTunes IS kind of a good thing to do though for two reasons:

1) I accidentally deleted everything off my iPod last summer in a rush to fit the entire fifth season of Lost on there so I could watch it on the way to and from work. Now I have to start from scratch. I sat and put a lot of time recently into re-loading my iPod but I haven’t finished.

2) My iPhone is sadly lacking any music that I actually like and want to listen to. The Nike+ needs the iPhone to work. Therefore, the fact that I sat and put hours and hours into putting music onto my iPod and NOT my iPhone has made walking an excruciating experience. (Especially since I had to delete all the music I uploaded out of iTunes as soon as I synced it bc I don’t have enough memory on my computer.) The iPod has tons of great music but the iPhone…ugh. Before I bought the Nike+, I figured I’d walk and listen to the iPod so I wouldn’t drain my iPhone’s batteries. If I have both, I might as well use’m. Ah whatever, listen to me, crying because my iPodS (plural) don’t have the songs I want and my I’m sad that my hi-tech shoes need to specifically talk to my iPhone. These are what’s called “hi-falutin problems”.


It’s almost (basically) beach time here in LA. It’s going to be close to 80 this week! For anyone NOT in a warm climate, before you can tell me I’m bragging, this is just the facts. Check it on Weather dot com. I am allowed to marvel at such wonders as year one is not yet up. Deal with me.

And this week our friend Vanessa…

Don't worry, she's not really a zombie.

…is coming to stay with us!!! So excited! We haven’t seen her in a dog’s age and she’s been to LA before but only with family so we’ll have a good time. (I hope she doesn’t mind cat hair. We’ve got cat hair.)

I guess that’s all for now. Blerg.

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