Apart from the walking…

This has been the most boring day of my life I think. I just can’t get motivated to do any of the things I want to do. I honestly don’t even want to write this blog post. I’ve spent hours and hours of today reading the internet. I did apply for about five or six jobs but mostly that was a wash too. There wasn’t anything I was thrilled about and nothing was really posted that was new. I can’t think of any non-entertainment side jobs that I haven’t applied to already. I had wanted to bake Irish Soda Bread today but didn’t buy baking soda. Duh. I thought I had some for some reason. Then I was going to develop pictures but the idea of mixing the chemicals and then going through the process seemed like too much to do (even though I had nothing but time). I drank a bunch of Diet Pepsi Max (with Lime ugh) to pep me up but all it did was make me tired. I talked on the phone with my Dad for a spell and that was fun but then he had to go. I fed the animals and they liked that so that was good. I fed myself which was good but I’m still hungry and am too lazy to make anything. I should really shower but I don’t feel like doing that just yet.

What it all boils down to is that I’m just a whiner, plain and simple. I DID do a lot today and I DON’T have anything to whine about because in actuality, all I did was have a day off. Wah.

Here are two pictures that I ripped off my Mom’s Facebook page of my parents, sister and her boyfriend at my sister’s best friend Jessica’s wedding. Christine (ma sister) was the Maid of Honor. I thought everyone looked pretty and so here they are without further adieu:

Dad and Mom at Jessica's Wedding

Christine and Matt at Jessica's Wedding

Natch, we couldn’t make it to the wedding because it happened in New Jersey and here we are in California. They’ll just have to do it again next time we’re in town. No big I’m sure.

Man I think I’m going to cut this short (too late) before I kill us all with boredom.

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