Two fools go for a walk

Train station on Sunset and Vermont.

We went for an hour-long walk this morning.

Kristyn in her cherry-patterned gang bandana.

We decided to walk up to Von’s because the cats have been DYING for dry food.

The Scientology Center

We walked up to Sunset and around the block by the Scientology Center (walking with our eyes downcast lest we make eye contact and they draw us in).

Yes, he has a street.

This was a much harder walk that what I usually do because it was longer, there were hills and Kristyn walks faster than I do so I had to keep up.

This is in front of a Children's Cancer Hospital.

It felt really good though and my thighs are on FIYAH!

This is our supermarket and also maybe some of the cast of Lost's?

We stopped in the supermarket for a hot minuto…

My legs hoofin it into the supermercado.

Got our stuff…

Kristyn in the pet aisle...where we live.

And bounced…

The cats have been SCREAMING at us for this for a day and a half (don't worry, they had wet food, they just WANTED this).

We got home and stretched and then had some breakfast.

Firewood in LA? Okay.

Oh and Kristyn got ready for work because she had to be there by 2.

Kristyn pointed out the weird stuffed bear stuck to the truck. I covet the camper.

I decided to give her a ride to work because I don’t have anything better to do with my day and it’s nice out so why not take a lil ride?

The donut shop has people playing chess in it 24 hours a day. Also, I like that Gaga billboard.

We realized that we’re dumbasses and have been meaning to walk up the block to the Farmer’s Market they have every Saturday.

We hear helicopters all the time and they're going to the hospital around the corner, Kaiser Permanente.

It’s in the opposite direction as Von’s. Dummies.

This is the helicopter over the florist on the corner of Sunset and Fountain.

BUT the workout was good. Kristyn jogged a few times and I only jogged for the last hot minute but it was good.

Here's Kristyn jogging.

According to my Nike +, we walked 2 miles and I burned like 350 calories.

I jogged for the last half a block. The phone kept switching settings.

Now that I’m done writing this blog, I’m going to go develop some pictures.

In and Out in Hollywood.

And try my hand at making Irish Soda Bread (SANS Caraway Seeds blech).

My Grandma gave me this window decal when she came back from Scotland just as a little stocking stuffer.

And then I’ll apply for some more jobs later. Good times? Good times.

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