In Swimming News…

We went swimming last night. Kristyn, so you know, hates swimming for two reasons:

1) She’s made of twigs and has no insulation. The water must be like 75 degrees and homegirl is shaking like a leaf.

2) She doesn’t know how to swim, not really.

WELL. Kristyn’s been soldiering on because she knows how much I love to swim (lovelovelovelove). And she’s been teaching herself with the use of these little boogie board swim aids they have there.

When we get in the pool, usually Kristyn stays out of the water and just tortures herself waiting to “warm up” while I just drop straight into it and get over the “shock” (of 80 degree water ha). One time recently, for the first time in the history of knowing her, I grabbed her and kicked her legs out from under her so she’d go in to her shoulders. Since then, as soon as we get in the pool, she looks at me warily/expectantly, I kick her legs out from under her and then we start swimming. (Hey, whatever works.)

So last night, I did that and then we swam into a lane. Kristyn started swimming with her board and made it across in 30 seconds which is like 15 seconds faster than the guy she’s been admiring as “fast” three days ago.

Then she did it in 25 seconds.

Then she got rid of the board and did it without! In 25 seconds!

So it turns out that Kristyn happens to be hella good at the one sport she didn’t like. How much do you want to bet that you see us on the Olympics next time? Kristyn’s the fastest woman in the world who mystifies everyone by having to have a dumpy lady jump into the pool and kick her legs out from underneath her every single time.

I wouldn’t be surprised.

Me, on the other hand, I haven’t timed myself but I’d count it as “fast” if I crossed the pool in a minute haha. It takes me a while. She’s forever and a day waiting for my ass on the other side. Ah well.

We’re about to go walking/jogging now. TTYL y’alls.

P.S. That pic above is a teeny tiny picture of the pool we swim at that I ripped off of googie since you’re not allowed to take pictures there. Wah, wah.

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