What the inside of my head looks like if you subtract…

…the murders and the obvious product placements.

And the Pussy Wagon makes an appearance!!! Mind you, I am having a rough time with Lady Gaga. I love me some weird bitches but in almost every Lady Gaga song I hear, there is inevitably at least one part that I just don’t like. But I can’t help it, I really like her style. Cuff me and take me down to the station.

Also, on 30 Rock tonight, Liz Lemon’s cell phone rang and her ring tone was Fuck the Pain Away by Peaches! Huh? Whaat?

Because I know you won’t click that link, I’m going to re-post the Muppets version of that song here (I had posted it in a bloggy a coupla months ago):

Also, here’s another Peaches song for your listening pleasure:

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