Roller Skating Progress

Today we both did great! I did manage to fall once but it was a graceful fall. Kristyn said, “It was like you just slowly put one knee down on the ground and got back up again.”

I DID have my first collision though. The place was packed with kids. I think there were a coupla parties going on. Anyway, bitches were falling all over the place and I was terrified that I was going to trip over one. BUT this one kid was unsteady and crossed my path to get to the exit. I bellowed, “I DON’T KNOW HOW TO STOP!!!” and we collided. Thankfully both of us were going at a veritable crawl so all we did was slowly roll into each other and grab on. We both managed to stay up and skate off haha.

Kristyn was a total pro. She looked great out there, just totally natural and not nervous at ALL. So awesome.

I felt really stiff from all the exercising I’ve been doing so I was nervous about myself today. I did a good stretch before we left though. Even still, skating was a LOT more natural for me today. I finally got the motion of it mostly down. My calves didn’t burn today thank god. That’s prob bc of the walking I’d imagine.

The one thing is that I could only go around the rink twice before having to stop. My legs didn’t burn but they did whisper, “You’re at the end of your endurance here, time to sit down.” I listened. Doing that, I was able to skate, rest, skate, rest. My endurance is really going up, I just have to keep listening to my body and I think I’ll progress a lot.

Okay, I wanna go swimming now so “Ta!”

P.S. That lady pictured above was a great skater. I wanted to admire her but she got on my bad side after she skated up fast behind me, zipped around me and then cut (close) back in front of me. I’m not steady enough where you can do that to me without it totally throwing me off. She doesn’t know that but still. It was hard to generate positive feelings for her after that faux pas. *shaking fist*

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