More staggering down memory lane

Here’s an unfocused yet adorable picture of me and Christine.  What’s weird is that I think I remember having this picture taken.  I remember being sat on the couch and having Christine put on my lap.

Here’s me and Grandma yukking it up.  We don’t look much different yukking it up these days but for the fact that she no longer perms her hair and I have a gigantic tattoo* that she hates.  I love you Grandma!

I remember this day.  This was another birthday party or some occasion for me to have attention on me/open presents.  When I tell you that I hate opening presents, I mean to say that it is a lifelong legacy.  I’m lifting my head over my dress so that “no one can see me”.  I remember looking through the blue material and thinking how weird it was that I could see everyone through it but they had no idea where I was.  Thanks for going along with that illusion guys.  It really helped in a pinch.  (That’s my Aunt Heather in the background aiding and abetting my tomfoolery.  Thanks Aunt Heather!)

Here is a picture of me, Sarah, Heather and Lou (of An Evening with Lou fame).  I’ll let you decide who’s who.  You got this, I KNOW you do.

And here I am with either Sarah or Heather (yes I know there were a lot of Heathers), some girl and Lou is that you?  Or is that your brother?  Maybe I’m wrong on all accounts?

Okay, that’s enough for right now.  I have to go pick Krissy up at work in a hot minute.  I was just killing a little time.  Actually THIS gentle nostalgic post was what I came on here to do and ended up posting perverted videos by Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Miss Piggy and Peaches.  Look at that sweet little girl in the picture above…Who could have predicted she’d do something like that?  Ah well, they grow up so fast.  Wait.

* Here is the giant tattoo.  IDK if I’ve ever posted it here before come to think of it.  I’ll post a better picture another time.  It’s on my arm and it’s been there for two years in case anyone cares.  I was feeling too corporate at the time.  Although this is a nice tattoo, maybe I should have just gotten a haircut, no?  Ah well, the folly of two years ago:

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