My Afternoon Waddle

Guys, on my walk today I decided not to take even one picture. You know what guys? If you take a walk and don’t stop every 15 seconds to take a picture, it really hurts. God dizzle the back of my thighs hurt. But it’s more of a “hurts so good” type scenario, smell what I’m steppin in?

Oh and this picture is from this morning on the bus. I liked the two kids on the left’s shoes and the lad on the right was dressed SO oddly which is what inspired me to take the photo. He was wearing a crisp athletic jacket and shorts. He had shaved legs with bruises and cuts all over them, no socks and then white golf shoes. Was he a golfer? A swimmer? A drag queen? Who knows?

Here is just a picture that I took for no damn good reason other than the fact that I HAVE to multitask at all moments. I was walking, listening to my iPod and taking this picture. I guess I have a fear of boredom.

I lied. I did take ONE picture. But it was of this guy. Seriously what the hell IS this? First of all, I want to point out that this is a trailer park (that people live in) in the middle of hi-falutin’ richie rich Santa Monica. And why does a pickup truck have a bubble for a roof?

Also, a man complimented me on my kicks in the elevator. He said, “Now THOSE are the coolest shoes I have ever seen.” I said, “Oh thanks, I don’t like running sneakers so I figured I’d get something with character.” And he drawled, “Purple is my faaaaaaaaavorite color” in a monotone voice. I’ve been here for six months and still can’t tell when someone is being serious or joking, whether they are gay or straight. I like it.

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