Footootsying and trouble

These are some pictures I took last night when I was walking to the bus to go home from my internship.

And this picture is one that I sent to Kristyn with the caption:

Bad. Bad. Bad. Bad. Girl. From. Hell.

I sent that message bc just yesterday morning, I shut off the heat bc:

a) It was close to 60 degrees outside
b) Kristyn is liable to leave it on all day

She screamed, “NO I WON’T!!!” but I shut it off anyway. She gave me a little side-eye that said, “Watch what happens when you turn your back.”

Sure enough, I come home and find the apartment to be in “sauna mode”. I texted her this picture with an admonishment or this little trickster would tell me this whole episode is a figment of my imagination. *shaking head, wagging finger, hand on hip*

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