I shan’t go to Purgatory.

Because my boss doesn’t have any work for me to do right now, I am cranking out blog posts as a way to pass the tiz-ime. 
That being said, I’d like to present for you, the day of my Christening in all its glory.  I’d imagine that this is one of the most thrilling days in a baby’s life because you don’t know what a good party is yet.  Yes I was in good company, but I was also in a white satin jumper with lace trim and a diaper.  That’s not my idea of a good time.
Here’s my parents as young and holy as ever.

Mom, Me, Dad

My Mom has a tradition of lopping all her hair off when in gestation.  When she was pregnant with Charles she said, “I do it because it’s the last goddamn thing I need to deal with, this hair.”  I can get behind that sentiment:

Mom and Me

Here is the Barr family celebrating the fact that I wouldn’t automatically go to Purgatory should I die suddenly (thank god I didn’t and good looking out everybody):

Uncle Brian, Rosemary, Nanny Mom, Dad, Aunt Heather, Grandma and Aunt Margaret. Oh and me.

Here’s the Gaffney family wishing my soul good luck:

Uncle Danny, Mom, Me, Dad, Gram, Pop Pop, Nana, Uncle Steve

Here’s everyone squinting in the sunlight and trying to keep it together for one…more…picture.  You might also recognize this picture from the time I posted it as an example of white people:

All us guys.

I don’t know how it came to be but here’s a photo of my Dad wearing a cowboy hat that hasn’t been seen before or since.  I also like the giant thumb over the lens of the camera.

Someone's leg, Cowboy Hat, Dad and Me

I didn’t know how to talk yet but I understood that in order to garner one’s attention, you must raise a finger in the air.

Yours truly.

Here’s my cousin Marianne, my Uncle Jimmy and my Aunt Pat.  Snap!  I didn’t realize that Snoopy was up in the hizzy.  That wallpaper always made me want to scratch and sniff it.  “Snozberries!”:

Maryanne, Uncle Jimmy, Aunt Pat

Here is my Uncle Brian’s girlfriend Melinda and my cousin Rosemary.

Melinda and my cousin Rosemary

This is my Great-Grandmother Nanny (father’s grandmother), my Grandmother Nana (mother’s mother) and my Aunt Rose (my Grandfather’s sister).

Nanny, Nana and Aunt Rose

Here’s Aunt Rose again with my Momma in the background.

Aunt Rose.

 Okay, so that was my Christening.  If it wasn’t the rollicking good time you expected, you are living life on the edge.  Get help.

* Did I already write this post once before? I feel like I did but I’m too lazy to check. Ah well.

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