Oscars blather

The one, the only...Gabourey Sidibe!

The Oscars are over and my girl Gabourey Sidibe did not win.  Sandra Bullock did and although I confess that I did not see “The Blind Side”, I was whole-heartedly rooting for Gaby.  In my mind, she won.  Here are the reasons why she is the bomb and I’ll support her in anything she is in from here on out:

A) She’s a regular girl.
B) She was able to be herself in order to do her job.
C) She’s a great actress.
D) She was startlingly good in this role.
E) She seems pretty unaffected by all this attention.

So for that, I love you Gaby!!!

Mind you, like I said, I did not see “The Blind Side” so congrats to Sandra Bullock anyway.

Also, I’m glad that Mo’Nique won.  She is an odd bird that one but I’ve been a fan of hers for a long time.  She was across the board amazing in this role as well.  She deserves this Oscar and I’m glad she got it.  I also love that she gave a shout out to Hattie McDaniel in her speech (as well as paid homage by wearing the same color dress and flower in her hair).

Here’s her acceptance speech:

Also, I keep wanting to go down in front of the Kodak Theater and see the Giant Statues out in the front and the hullaballo but I can’t stand crowds. The streets are supposed to be blocked off until Tuesday. I can still prob park a few blocks away and amble up there but IDK. If I do, I’ll take a coupla pictures. If I don’t, maybe I’ll have the chutzpah next year.

* P.S. Programming notice: I’ve finally bought my own domain name, buberella.com!

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