More Oscar Babbling

Also I wanted to say:

Congratulations Kathryn Bigelow on winning the first ever Best Director Oscar awarded to a woman!

What’s kind of funny is that James Cameron is her ex-husband and he had a major blockbuster in the running…The Hurt Locker beat out Avatar in both the Best Director AND Best Film categories…AND he cheated on her with his current wife (allegedly). Man how’s that for just desserts?

Anyway, I drive toward Hollywood on my way to pick up Kristyn from work. Hollywood Boulevard starts right by my house and the Kodak Theater is only about ten minutes away or so. They’ve been reporting that the streets surrounding the Kodak Theater are going to be closed off until Tuesday but I wanted to see how close I could get.

It turns out that I could get to Las Palmas Ave which is a little over two blocks from the Kodak Theater.

Here is a picture of the road closure (it was a ghost town out there for some reason):

I was forced to make a left so I drove down to Sunset Boulevard to drive down the strip and see if there were any parties going on. It turns out that the Vanity Fair Party was happening on the strip.

Here is a picture of the media outside Vanity Fair:

Here is a picture of the front of the party:

On the way home we drive past the Beverly Hills Hotel where they were holding the Governor’s Ball (saw nothing) and past the Vanity Fair party again. We thought we heard someone screaming Mo’Nique’s name a bunch of times but we didn’t see her. We DID see this gorgeous girl all gussied up but I don’t think she was anyone and Kristyn thought it was Kate Winslet (it wasn’t Kate Winslet). Either way, she was crossing the street by our car and I didn’t let her pass. “You can either be that pretty OR you can go first. You’ve clearly already chosen.”

So that’s that. We came home and now we’re going to bed because we can’t both snooze on the couch. (For some reason we LOVE sleeping on the couch…)


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