Roller skating, swimming, gymnastics

Sunlight filtering in the window.

This week, I have been exercising like whoa and I feel great! We went roller skating this past Monday and then on Tuesday, we took a roller skating class. We went again yesterday and I have to say that the class helped a LOT.

Kristyn didn't want me to post this but she looks so cute!

 I mean I DID manage to fall four times (yes four) but I also learned the basic mechanics of how to propel myself forward.  I learned how to stabilize my center of gravity.  I learned how to stop (though I haven’t mastered that at ALL yet).  I learned how to fall properly.  I learned how to get up properly.  I even learned how to skate backwards but I DON’T like that and am NOT ready for that yet, haha.

Skate break.

We’ve been going a lot and I go for a little bit and stop usually.  But every time we go, my endurance and skill level gets a little better.  Kristyn is pretty naturally good at this but I am a lot heavier than her and also a LOT less althletic.  Homegirl was running long-distance track and doing high-jump in high school while I was giggling with my friends and reading Stephen King’s “It” a thousand times.

Kristyn showing off her smooth moves.

Another instructor gave me the business card for our beginner instructor.  He told me that I shold consider private lessons.  I think it’s bc he saw how unsteady I was.  But that’s a good thing because as he suggested, I’d get better quicker and have personal attention.  WANT.  There were like 15 people in the class so it’s true, how in the hizballs are you going to get personalized attention with that many people?

Where we skate: Moonlight Rollerway

But anyway, because I’m so tremendously out of shape, my calves start BURNING if I’m out there for too long and then it’s not long after that that I lose control of my legs.  Once I lose control of my legs, it’s not long until I’m on the floor.  Ah well.  The first time I fell, I happened to fall the right way (basically on your saddlebags, the part where it’s your ass but not your tailbone).  The second time I fell, I landed on one knee, which isn’t the best idea.  The third time I fell, it was a total surprise and it was BAD NEWS.  I landed flat on my back.  Last year I had MAJOR back problems so that wasn’t a great thing to have done.  (But don’t worry it didn’t hurt and still doesn’t thank god.)  The fourth time, I remembered what to do halfway down and managed to throw my body onto the floor the right way.  The only bad thing I did was put my hand down and jam my shoulder.  Again, this didn’t hurt but it’s a great way to dislocate your shoulder.  I did have wrist guards on though so that was good news.

Where we live

Then we came home and had a heckuva dinner.  Grilled cheese, corn on the cob, leftover baked potatoes and tomato and onion salad.  So GOOD.  For dessert, we had oranges and pineapples.  I think the fruit tastes better here because it’s grown here.  Ugh so good.
After that, we got suited up and went to the Echo Park Deep Pool for a swim.  It felt so good and I really got an awesome workout from it.  My whole body feels good.  I was SO exhausted when we got home last night.  Kristyn told me I looked “psychotic”.
Here is Kristyn this morning guzzling Pepto Bismal straight out of the bottle.  She actually really truly loves the taste of this shit.  I had some yesterday and I gagged between each teaspoonful.  Haha.  (She doesn’t normally guzzle it, we just had hash browns for breakfast which made her a little queasy.)

Here's Kristyn drinking her favorite beverage.

Also, I found Adult Gymnastics!  It’s $15 a class M-R.  I can’t wait to take some classes!  When I was a kid, I wasn’t good at baseball.  I wasn’t good at basketball.  I wasn’t good at volleyball.  I wasn’t (that) good at soccer (although I was good at defense).  I was VERY good at gymnastics.  I could do anything they wanted me to really.  Cartwheel or Roundoff across a room?  Sure.  Stand/Walk on your hands?  Why not?  I could even cartwheel on the balance beam.  I could do the pommel horse (but I was scared).  I could do the uneven bars.  I couldn’t do the rings or climb the rope though.  I was great a tumbling and stretching though.  I never learned to flip though.  I want to get back to that level of fitness.  I want to be as flexible and fearless as I was then, or at least close to it.  If I am going to exercise, I need to be mentally engaged. 

Monster sleeping.

I am so excited to be able to have all these activities here in LA.  Oh also, for the first time in my life, I’m enjoying walking.  I’m having a great time with it, just exploring neighborhoods and taking pictures.  Good times.

Anyway, I think I’m going to go take a little walkaroo, then come back and clean up this dump.  Tomorrow it’s laundry day again.  Man, dishes and laundry just have an unpleasant way of CONSTANTLY ACCUMULATING.*

* Note to Coleen from her ID:  If you bastards didn’t change your clothes 36 times a day and would consider washing a plate immediately following your use of it (like your mothers and grandmas demand), you wouldn’t have this problem.  Dumbasses.

3 thoughts on “Roller skating, swimming, gymnastics

  1. Hello!

    I’m planning on going roller skating tomorrow with some friends at Moonlight. Do you know if it’s usually empty on Wednesday?

    Bring your posse. Let’s fill up the rink!

    Let me know,

    • Haha hey Chris! IDK what the Moonlight status is on a Wednesday night actually. That sounds good but Wednesdays are always full of busy-busy-busyness for me. Have you gone on a Monday night? It’s off the hook. It’s adult night and the skaters are bananas good. Too good for my sorry ass haha.

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