Flowers, Drama, Fitness and Clark Rockefeller

Here are some pictures from a walk I took last week on my lunch break.  I posted these pictures up here but have actually been too lazy to publish this post for almost a week, haha.

This is just a wall of a bidness but it has these awesome vines stuck to it.   In person, they almost look like a tattoo or something because they seem to have little suckers sticking them to the wall.  This could be a benign plant that is everywhere and I just don’t know it.  Not saying this is breaking news but it’s news to me and I thought it was purty.

Here are some Wildflowers someone planted in their front yard.  Everything’s in bloom here!

These flowers were so pretty.  You kinda can’t see it in this picture but they were white with a really brilliant blue right in the center.

This street is so awesome.  If someone knows what kind of trees these are, please let me know because I love them.

These flowers were hella vibrant, almost electric bright.


This is the street outside my job.

Here is another VW Van that I want so baaad!

This is a creepy creeperson dolly that I also want really badly just because of how oddly real it looked in person.

And I NEED to see this movie.  I love me some Clark Rockefeller.  Will, is that you?

I have more stuff to post but I’m tired.

Also, a few things to note:

1) We’ve been roller skating a lot lately.  Kristyn is naturally betta at it than me (by FAR) but we took our first lesson last night and I only busted my ass once, score.

2) We’ve also been swimming a lot and this makes me so damn happy.

3) I’m so happy that there are ten more Lost episodes left.  It seems like a lot, no?

4) I got new running sneaks with my tax return, well actually from the money I received when I returned shit I bought and didn’t need with my tax return.  (In my defense, it was stuff I thought I needed like clothes.  But after a week of them sitting there and me not donning them, I said, “What you really need, fatass, is to exercise.  Buy some supportive shoes, get out there and walk.  You always said you’d walk when you move to SoCal because you wouldn’t be bored to death of the scenery.  MARCH!”)  So I bought Nike Lunarglides.  They happen to be compatible with that cool Nike + gizmo that you put in your sneaker so your sneakers can talk to your iPhone.  I did my first workout today  (20 minutes) and it said I burned 136 calories, walked .82 miles at a pace of 25’12” per mile.  Cool right?

5) Last night after we got home from skating, we heard a woman SCREEEEEEAMING outside on the street.  We screamed, “ARE YOU ALRIGHT?  ARE YOU HURT?” out the door and she shut up immediately.  We called 911 and the operator told me that they’d send a car over if I heard screaming AGAIN.  I freaked out and told her that we needed a car NOW.  She sent it over and it turns out that there was a domestic complaint around the corner.  Assault with a deadly weapon.  That can really mean anything so long as you use an object to really hurt someone.  So I’m telling myself her boyfriend hit her with a shoe so I don’t lose my mind.  But screaming like that doesn’t happen from a shoe…Time to move out of Silver Lake.

6) I’m fine with moving out of Silver Lake because our landlord is starting crap with us anyway.  The Health Inspector came for a random inspection and asked us if we’ve had any problems with the unit.  We told him that we’ve had problems with the plumbing but that all was currently well.  We let him in to check it too.  He gave us his card and told us to call him if any sewage comes up from the tub again (which was what kept happening) as it is an emergency situation.  He told me to contact my landlord and let her know we spoke.  Well I did and she’s going into overdrive trying to make it out that we’re not taking care of the unit.  She keeps saying that because we are flushing toilet paper we’re destroying her plumbing.  Ridiculous.  She told us she’d be “happy to let us out of our lease”.  I told her she can buy us out otherwise we’ll finish our lease.  I don’t want her saying that we broke our lease on top of it because there’s no legal repercussions for a landlord filing a false claim against a tenant in small claims court.  Ugh.  Always something.

7) I’ve gotten back into shooting 35mm film on the SLR camera my parents gave me when I started college and I love it!  I bought a DSLR a few years ago but because it has so many automatic options, I tend to be lazy and use it as a point and shoot, a gigantic, expensive, heavy point and shoot.  Risickulous.  I’m loving the SLR though because it’s FORCING me to plan my shot, use the light meter, think about the f stops, the shutter speed, depth of field, etc.  I’m having a good time with it.

Okay, gotta go do work, was fooling around until my boss had something for me and he does!!!

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