Stuff and things again

Here are just some more pictures for posterity’s sake.

This is Kristyn and Chucky laying on the chaise lounge watching tv (aww so cute):

This is a plane in someone’s garage! We were driving around Silver Lake, kind of lost, when we found this. I have no idea if this is real or if its something someone just built but here it is…awesome:

This is just a very, very faraway picture of the Hollywood sign, haha. It’s a little white line on the mountain in the background:

These are some cookies we bought last week on a whim and DAMN were they good! I mean, no cookie is safe around my lard-ass but Kristyn doesn’t even like sweets and yet there were cookie crumbs around her mouth and vanilla filling in her hair at all times. Turns out that company is something of a “Western” delight. They are made in Colorado but the company went under a few years ago and Nabisco saved their asses. So good. Thanks Nabisco!

I have been waiting for the day where I can go to a place and buy a veggie corndog fresh. Don’t even talk to me about the Morningstar frozen ones (but I love those too). I was so excited. This was at the Glendale Galleria Mall.

This is little Edith, sitting on the couch.  “Why do we care?” I’ll bet you’re saying.  Well, Edith has only a certain couple of spots she’ll sit.  She’ll sit on the cat tree you see in the background.  She’ll sit on the kitchen chairs.  She’ll sit in her cage now.  But anything other than that she considers “dangerous”.  She’s like a hi-level tweaker when it comes to paranoia.  So what you see below represents PROGRESSSSSSS.  *patting Edith on back hump*  Oh AND if you look closely, she has her little tongue poking out.  That means she’s happy to boot, haha.

And some of my Facebook friends will be all “Again with the Cowboys and Turbans?”  To answer your plaintive questions, “Yes again with the Cowboys and Turbans, it’s too awesome not to share.”   This is a Mexican/Indian restaurant that’s near us.  We just got the menu stuck to our fence the other day and I almost had a mental breakdown with how happy this made me.  I mean “Tandoori Burritos”?!

And the BREAKFAST…OMG “Breakfast Naanwich”…”Breakfast Samosa”…You are whispering my language.

Okay, bye now.

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