Stuff, Things & a Walk, 2/23/10

We’re finally getting back into the swing of things from our NJ trip (which I still have to post pictures and stories from) but in the meantime, we’ve been sick and trying to catch up on our domestic cleanliness. The sickness hasn’t really helped on the domestic cleanliness front so there’s been a lot of “cleaning planning” that falls to the wayside for “suffering endlessly”. Ah such is life.

Anyway, we went roller skating last night and I fell, not in the rink, but in the outside area and really bruised up the inner side of my right arm.  Figures.

This afternoon, I went for a little walk around my Internship and took these pictures.  It’s Spring here so the flowers are starting to bloom.

Here are some Birds of Paradise in front of someone’s house:

Here’s a closeup of some Jasmine hanging on someone’s fence:

And here’s the fence:

This is the street I work on:

Here’s just a tropical tree in front of someone’s house:

This is a lemon tree standing in front of someone’s house!:

And this is the object of my heart’s desire.  I WILL own one of these, mark my words:

Lost’s on tonight and we might go Roller Skating again, haha.

I really gotta start writing on this thing again rather than just posting pictures.  Man oh man.

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