Walking tours.

One night last week, me and Kristyn decided to go to a walk.  We needed to pick up some stuff for our NJ trip so we decided why not just walk there?

On the way back, we saw this mural, so cute.

This is a tree mural that's on a children's clothing store in our neighborhood.

The next day, I got to my Internship about a half hour early so I decided to walk around the neib.  It’s actually quite cute and makes for a decent walk.  I didn’t realize that the area was residential because everywhere I usually walk is an office park or something corporate.  Dumb Coleen.

This is a street near my internship.

This is just a tree that I saw made much more interesting by this iPhone app I bought called “Hipstamatic”.  Still, I love those burrs that come off of the trees. Does anyone know what they are?

This tree was on the same block.

 Later that night I decided to take a picture of the hanging lamps at my Internship from the second floor.  They’re so pretty.

This was taken from the second floor of my internship. Pretty lamps.

 While I was waiting for le Krissy to pick a bitch up, I waited in THE BOUGIEST Mickey D’s I’ve ever seen.  Pictures can’t even really do it justice.  The chairs were hella comfortable.

Where the rich people get Big Macs.

 The next day, I decided to go for a walk and see if I couldn’t scare up a funny birfday gift for my Nana.  She likes Halloweenie things so I figured I could go to the store that sells Day of the Dead stuff around the corner or even back to Wacko to see what they might have. 

On me way, I found two men working on this mural.  This is on the corner of Sunset and our street (I ain’t telling you which one!).  I pass this every day and noticed that the mural was subtly changing but until then I’d never caught the people in action.  If you look closely, you can see the man on the ladder.  I LOVE the murals in Silver Lake.

This is a mural around the corner from us.

 I went to the Day of the Dead store and didn’t find anything up her alley.  She loveloveloves her some Halloween but she doesn’t have any Day of the Dead stuff.  None of it spoke to me (for her) though.

SO, I marched over to Wacko.  On the way, I passed an Old Folks’ home I really wanted to live in called “Laguna”.  This is how pretty it is.

Old Folks' Home.

 Here’s my old friend Tiki Ti again.  I’m coming, Tiki Ti, just give me some time.

Tiki Ti by night.

 And here’s the Vista.  It’s an olden-timey theater down the street from us on Sunset.  They play one movie at a time and we are DYING to see a movie here.  DYING.

Vista. We're dying to go here.

 And here’s ol’ Wacko again.  I marched out of there with birfday prezzies for three friends but NADA for Nana.  I ended up getting her a gift card and a puzzle.  She knows what she wants.

Wacko by night.

And that’s that.  I love LA guys.

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