More reasons to love LA.

And SPEAKING of loving LA:

1) We FINALLY went swimming at the Echo Park Deep Pool tonight!!!  $2.50 to get in, Adult Swim until 9pm.  It’s a heated Olympic-sized pool with swimming lanes.  It’s like five minutes’ driving distance from our house and is so nice. We’re feeling sleepy and excercised from our swimmy-times.  They have Adult Swim Instruction which I’m going to force us to do.  I can swim but have never taken lessons.  My parents tried to teach me and Christine how to swim but for some reason it never stuck.  One day, in our father’s friend Tom’s mother’s pool (omg), we could suddenly swim.  It’s like we both broke through the swimming barrier and could just do it.  So I can swim but probably not for long if I were ever stranded in the sea.  Kristyn can only doggy-paddle.  Yes it’s funny to watch her smile and doggy paddle but I’d rather us both be able to actual-factual swim.  SO, we’s gonna start taking lessons sometime soon.  HOLD US TO THIS.

2) We both want to learn how to roller skate.  Earlier tonight, we started looking up roller rinks.  When we first got to LA, we’d looked this shite up because we wanted to take skating lessons.  We just looked it up again and found two skating rinks, one in Glendale called Moonlight Rollerway and another one in LA proper called World on Wheels. IDK about the one in Glendale but World on Wheels is the bomb!!! On every fourth Saturday of the month, they have a roller disco party called Space is the Place!. Everyone dresses up all crazy, like 70s/80s Roller Disco style and they play funk, disco and 80s music. There’s supposed to be a lot of awesome skaters that come out. But what makes us giggle the most is Wumpskate. It’s a Goth/Industrial roller skating party that takes place on something like the second Monday of every month. OMG!! This I HAVE to see. So yeah first we have to figure out how to take classes. Kristyn is actually a pretty good skater. We’ve gone down this road before and she can kind of just go ahead and start skating while I stagger around. We need lessons for schizzle.

3) It’s almost Beach Season. In February.

One con:

1) It’s Springtime here and that means it’s also allergy season. In February. OMG.

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