Ever since we got back from NJ, I’ve been waaaay out of it. I don’t know whether I have a cold or allergies but it’s making me bananas. Apart from that, I’m so bone tired. I have been ceaselessly uploading pictures to Flickr and watching TV. I watched like five episodes of The Sopranos yesterday, the Women’s Snowboarding Halfpipe in the Olympics, the Sarah Silverman Program and like four episodes of the Demitri Martin Show last night.

Kristyn’s off getting her hairs tended to at Refuge and I’m here by me lonesome wasting some time before I get to steppin on cleaning this apartment. I cleaned this place top to bottom before we left and it’s a mess again. The good thing about this apartment is how small it is. There’s not much to clean so it’s cleaned up pretty quickly. The bad thing about this apartment is how small it is because if anything is out of place, the whole place looks like a dump. Our old apartment was huge so, for the most part, as long as the beds were made and all the clutter was in neat piles, it looked like the place was A-OK because all the mess was spread out. Here though, there’s no such thing as spread out, haha.

So here’s some pictures of the hovel we’re living in. If this doesn’t get me to clean up, IDK what will.

Here’s the mess in the Living Room. You have not even seen the worst of it yet.

Living room mess.

Back when we had a thousand bunnies, we looked online and were taught how to make a bunny cage out of some weird shelving you can buy at Target. WELL, Edith has been up to all sorts of phuckery since we’ve been here.

A) She won’t come down off her perch…EVER.
B) If we want her to go to the bathroom, we have to physically lift her off the perch and put her in her litter box.
C) If we forget to do this, she either won’t go to the bathroom OR…
D) …we found out that she’ll take it upon herself and go underneath the couch. (That was a hard lesson to learn.)
E) Because she won’t leave the perch, she’s not getting any exercise.

So yesterday I sat and put together this cage. It took foreeever and my fingers are killing me from the cable ties I used to put it together but it’s done. It’s less of the “home decor” and more of the “eyesore” variety but it does it’s job. She has a bedroom she can call her own and we have a place to put her when we’re leaving for a long time. Also, we’d been wanting to get Chucky some kind of little cage to run around in at night and we can just trow him in there. (Yes I mean to say “trow”.)

Beautyful, beautyful cage.

So there’s still a lot of “cage supplies” crap laying all around. Oh ALSO, FYI, I know I could have just bought a dog crate but before you suggest that, a dog crate is like $100+++ while this cost me $30 for the squares that the cage is made of and $7 for the cable ties. Economical solution for these tough times (THE ECONOMY!).

Wide shot of hot mess living room.

This is just breakfast mess for the most part.

Dining room mess.

DISHES. Don’t even get me started on the dishes. Or actually LET me get started on the dishes, haha.

Kitchen mess.

Here’s the money shot. The Living Room looks like as if I messed it up on purpose for a good shot. Oh no, that really IS a broom just laying there. Oh AND that litter box on top of the cage is NOT in use, I thought I’d clarify. It’s new and not in rotation just yet.

Front view of living room mess.

So, now that I’ve wasted more time, it’s time to get to stepping. See what I do?

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