A Walk

Our lives have become kind of workaday lately. We haven’t really been getting out a lot due to lack of time and lack of money. We’ve also been trying to find ways to get more exercise.

It dawned on us that we live in Southern California and it’s Springtime. Then it dawned on us that we can just go for walks. We’re idiots.

So last week before Kristyn had work, we took a walk to this store we’d been wanting to go to called Wacko.

On the way, we took some pictures. This tree is halfway in bloom and was so weird/pretty. It looks like candy to me.

So pretty.

Here’s a closeup of the tree.


This is just a phone that Kristyn decided to take a picture of along the way. I accidentally deleted her pictures so I’m posting mine and giving her credit for her compositions.


Tiki Ti is a little rum bar that I’m dying to go to. It’s on Sunset just up the street.

Tiki Ti.

This weird man was pasted on a wall outside a commercial printing place. His mid-section is missing.

Weird Man.

This is the place where Sunset turns left and Hollywood Boulevard begins.


This is an empty Used Car Lot. It was kind of weird to see how empty it was.

Empty Used Car Lot.

Here’s Krissy taking a picture of the lot.

Kristyn taking a picture of the lot.

Here’s Wacko.


These are the windows outside of Wacko. There’s a ton of weird stuff in here. Really a cool store. There’s even an art gallery inside.

Wacko Windows.

Along our travels, we found the mid-section of the man stuck to a wall a few blocks away.

The Rest of the Weird Man.

There’s weird stuff like this “Capitalism Rots” sign all over Silver Lake.

Capitalism Rots. (No it doesn't.)

This is Fountain Ave.

Fountain Ave.

Krissy taking a picture of Fountain Ave.

Kristyn taking a picture of Fountain.

This tiny door is at Mack Sennett Studios. This is another one of Kristyn’s compositions that I just took a quick shot of. I deleted ALL of her pictures by accident like a total moron. This studio is on our street. Mack Sennett was early EARLY Hollywood. He shot some of the first “talkies” at this studio and in the area, including some featuring Charlie Chaplan. This is still a working studio with sound stages and equipment rentals. There is a row of mysterious, tiny doors and this is one of them.

Mack Sennet Studios

This was a fun day. Kristyn had to go to work so we rushed back. The walk made us feel like we were on vacation. We have to make sure to take more time to enjoy being here.

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