A couple of recent days’ pictures

We’re back from New Jerz but first I just wanna post some pictures from this last week.  We’ve been busy so I haven’t had a chance to post.

Here is a picture of Rihanna on Ellen.  I took this picture to send to Kristyn because Ellen looked Rockabilly.

Good times.

Edith chilling on her perch in the morning.  Monster spying in the background.

Pretty Edith.

Kristyn drew this picture of Kelly Cutrone based on one of her quotes from “Kell on Earth”.

Kelly Cutrone by Kristyn!

I hadn’t gotten a good haircut since last year sometime so I finally got my hair cut by Emily at Refuge. Refuge was recently featured on Tabatha’s Salon Takeover. It was really cute in there. Emily was awesome. I love my haircut and it feels great to finally have all that damaged hair cut off.

Haircut at Refuge!

I bought this donut from Winchell’s because it was so damn cute. Me and Kristyn shared it. :)

Valentine's Donut!

That same day, I was driving to Glendale Galleria to buy some clothes with my Tax Return. This is another thing I haven’t been able to do since last year. Every dime I had went to moving here and I was starting to look like a ragamuffin. On the way there, the sky started going half black.

Atwater Village.

It was so weird. The sky was black and the sun was still out. It was so crazy looking. When I parked at the mall, it was pouring sheets of rain on one half of the parking garage and sunny on the other. So weird.


I took a picture of these sneakers for Kristyn because they looked like something she’d like. She didn’t, haha.

Window shopping.

This is just a picture of the mall.

Glendale Galleria.

Damn I can’t stop sneezing. Sorry this blog is so boring. I’m watching the Sopranos.

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