Goin back to Jersey, to Jersey, to Jersey.

We’re officially vacationing in NJ this weekend. It’s my Nana’s 80th Birthday so we’re doing a flyby.

On Friday, we’re staying in East Rutherford with Tiffany and supping with our friends.

On Saturday there is mention of pancakey and then we’re going down to Brick for my Nana’s Birthday party.

On Sunday morning, we will 99.9999% eat a toasted roll with cheese on it, two cups of tea and a donut before heading off to Kristyn’s parents’ house. Hopefully her brother can bring their new doggie so we can meet him.

Wise guys.

On Monday, we’re coming back up to Kearny and HAVETO eat Chinese food and Italian Hot Dogs No Dogs. We’re also going to have a slumber party with Grandma Barr and my Dad.

On Tuesday, we’s flying home in the afternoon and getting there two hours after we’ve left even though the flight is five hours long.

Good times.

The only really bad thing is that it is snowing like whoa in NJ. Hopefully the storm ends when it’s supposed to so we can get out of shovelling. Please don’t make us shovel. Please.


4 thoughts on “Goin back to Jersey, to Jersey, to Jersey.

  1. Haha…Alas, I can’t say it is. It was actually a poorly executed LL Cool J Reference…I wanna see the Colin Quinn video though!

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