Quandary about LA

Guys, I’ve been in LA for five months now and it’s fair to say that I’ve sort of got the lay of the land.

In that, there is one thing that continues to mystify me. Everywhere I go, people are really nice. They are almost suspiciously nice. Our blackened NJ hearts are only used to random kindness when someone wants something in return so there’s been a number of instances in LA where we’ve behaved weirdly to someone who is only trying to help.

That being said, one thing I AM constantly confused by is how rude Hispanic people are to me here. I’ve had plently of Hispanic neighbors and friends and co-workers and classmates, etc back in NJ. I’ve gotten along, I’ve not gotten along, whatever. But it’s always been on an individual basis whether said person and I get along. And to clarify, I’m only saying this now after five months of collected experience bc I didn’t want to make a judgement that was unfair.

In LA though, I’d venture to say that the Hispanic population might be more distrustful of white people. Whenever I meet a Hispanic person here, I can palpably feel their disgust.

And I’ve experienced racism in NJ. As a white person with blonde hair and blue eyes, I’m frequently made into a “talisman”. Racists of all colors always think I’m “on their team”. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been singled out by someone and made to listen to one offensive racist joke after another because it’s perceived that I’ll “get it”. And to be clear, I DON’T. I’ve gotten into a lot of arguments over this.

And I’ve been on the other side of it where co-workers or friends tell me that they didn’t like me at first because they thought I was (and this is a direct quote) “a stuck up rich white girl” (which I’m not stuck up or rich though I am, in fact, white).

IDK, none of us can help who we are or our knee-jerk reactions or preconceived notions and I’m not not guilty of that.

I’m just saying that as a person that doesn’t have a problem with anyone (but assholes) it’s continually jarring to be treated so harshly. But then again, that’s probably what they have been treated like and are expecting to be treated like. Walking in my shoes, I guess I’m not privy to what it feels like to be regularly discriminated against bc of what I look like so it’s surprising.

Ah IDK, I hope no one takes offense to this. No offense intended, it’s just something that bums me out for all involved. *sigh*

Has anyone else experienced this in LA?

*Speaking of “Crash”, it was written by Paul Haggis, the guy who wrote that voluminous scathing letter to the Church of Scientology (over their intolerance of gay people, go Paul Haggis!) this year. Anyway, my first day at my Internship, I got to read one of his scripts an it’s being made into a movie! That was kind of awesome for me. Anyway…


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