We Love Pee Wee Herman!

For my 30th Birthday this year, my sister Christine and her boyfriend Matt bought me and Kristyn tickets to see Pee Wee Herman! This was after I dropped some SERIOUS hints on Facebook to the tune of:

I wouldn’t be mad if someone bought me tickets to see Pee Wee in LA.

Nosiree, I wouldn’t be angry at all.

Man I’d like to see Pee Wee.

You get the point…Anyway, I’d ordinarily just shut up and buy them but I didn’t have any spare coin since it was all tied up in moving here. When in doubt, guilt it out. So THANK YOU GUYS!!!!

So the show was originally supposed to be at the Music Box in Hollywood but there was some confusion and then the show was moved to Club Nokia in Downtown. This moved the show back a bit but worked out better because that mean we got to meet Pee Wee! Well sort of. You’ll see.

Anyway, we chose tickets for this past Friday, January 29th. Here’s a picture of the Nokia Theater. We were at “Club Nokia” which is kind of a smaller venue within the complex.


This week starts the Winter Olympics so there were some Target billboards hanging up and one of them featured Shaun White which I thought was kind of cool.

Shaun White Target Poster.

We’ve never been to this theater before so we really didn’t know how to navigate things. We live very close to Downtown so the ride didn’t take long and we left about an hour early for like a 15 minute drive. Unfortunately, we didn’t figure that the area around Club Nokia was kind of like an amusement park for adults. There are a lot of restaurants and theaters around there. Lucky Strike Bowling is down here too. Oh and so is the Staples Center. So needless to say, there was a lot of traffic and a lot of waiting for parking as well as many circuitous paths to get to where you want to go.

That being said, the show started at 7 and naturally we didn’t get in until 7:15…but it’s okay because out seats were the bomb!

Here’s Miss Yvonne and Pee Wee!

Miss Yvonne and Pee Wee.

Here’s Conky, Randy, Miss Yvonne, Pee Wee, Chairry and everyone else.

Miss Yvonne!

The show was hysterical. It wasn’t overly raunchy or child-friendly. It really walked a line between the both and was appropriate for the kids present and funny for the adults (there weren’t a lot of kids though but still any adult humor was very subtle).

The set.

The plot is basically a couple of things. Pee Wee wants to fly and Miss Yvonne wants to date Cowboy Curtis.

Conky, Chairy, Pee Wee!

The King of Cartoons stops by for a visit.

King of Cartoons and Pee Wee!

Basically Jambi grants Pee Wee a wish and he wants to use it to fly but gives it to Miss Yvonne to get Captain Curtis to like her. They fall in love and Pee Wee has a temper tantrum over losing his wish. Miss Yvonne confesses what she did to Cowboy Curtis and he tells her she’s stupid bc he liked her anyway. Jambi re-grants his wish to Pee Wee who ends up flying and it looks so funny the way they do it.


Afterward, we were told to stay seated on the floor because anyone who had bought tickets for the Music Box got a wrist band to meet Pee Wee afterward as thanks for being patient with the date change.


So we sat there and tried not to lose our shit because some “oh so clever” hipsters were sitting behind us pontificating on the merits of Bjork while kicking the back of our chairs over and over again.


Oh afterward too, Kristyn pointed out Brian Posehn! We were hoping to see Diablo Cody but I think she went to the second show. Kristyn swears she was sitting right in front of us though and I have to confess that I kept thinking that same girl was her. IDK.

What the border of the stage looked like.

Pee Wee came out and it turned out not to be like a “meet Pee Wee” type situation so much as a Q&A. We’d been hoping to get a picture with him but this was kind of cooler because we got to hear him talk and it was such a small crowd…

Pee Wee interviewing a kid.

He interviewed all the kids in the crowd. It was kind of funny because the kids really didn’t know how to answer him.

Pee Wee interviewing a kid.

He came into our row!!! He walked right past us to interview a kid and was so close! LOVELOVELOVEYOUPEEWEE!

Pee Wee's arsehole.

He was so close I wanted to wrap my arms around his waist and rest my cheek on the small of his back!

Pee Wee talking to a kid near us.

Could NOT resist taking a picture of his shoes. Kristyn got a better picture though which she’ll prob post on her blog soon.



PEE WEE!!!!!

Ugh and right before things started this OBNOXIOUS couple sat next to us. Drunk as skunks and smelling like beer. Apparently they’re up for a Grammy for some reason but IDK what the name
of their band is. Cotton or something?

Pee Wee talking to the obnoxious couple.

The couple are from Baltimore and Pee Wee mentioned some biker bar there that John Waters took him too. For some reason, no one in the bar would believe John Waters that he was famous but Pee Wee came in and they all recognized him and went bananas. Oh how I wish me and Kristyn could go to a biker bar with Pee Wee and John Waters!!!

Stage and Pee Wee.

The Q&A was less a Q&A and more Pee Wee just talking to us. He was kind of half in character, half not. His voice is much lighter than I’d expect it to be and I just really wanted to hug him the entire time.


Pee Wee told us that he has two scripts written but hasn’t gotten a deal to make them into movies yet. OMG I hope he does! Also, he’s thinking of bringing his show on Broadway but doesn’t know if he wantsta do it bc you have to do a lot of shows. So IDK.

In closing.

This is the courtyard outside the Nokia Theater. Eddie Izzard was performing there too!!! We died!!

Pretty lights.

And here is the Staples Center. This is the infamous site of MJ’s “This is It” and of his memorial.

Home of MJ's Memorial/This is It.

After the show, we drove around Downtown a little because we really never go there (and it’s like ten minutes from our house duh). It’s very pretty there and very NYC-esque but not filthy haha.

We found directions to the Stillwell Hotel, otherwise known as “the Illwell”. This is the roach motel that we stayed at when we visited LA in October of 08. Aleix nailed it when he called it “The Bollywood version of The Shining”. It was so scary, old and oddly Indian-themed.

The Illwell: Bollywood version of the Shining.

When we were at the Illwell, our bathroom had a view of this building that says “Jesus Saves” on it. I kept trying to get a good picture of it out our window and I couldn’t so I got one with my iPhone.

View from the Illwell.

We went to the supermarket afterward to pick up a couple of things. While Kristyn was looking for something, I found this fan magazine based on the life of one Mrs. Sarah Palin. It made me laugh so much becase there were even like posters in there of her and her family. Haha.

Bop for Republicans.

And this is just a picture of Edith and Elvira from the morning after Pee Wee. They were sitting nicely but just after I took the picture, Edith realized how close Elvira was and a fight broke out, haha…

Edith and Elvira a second prior to fighting this morning.

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