Yesterday’s Pictures

Here are just some pictures I took yesterday on my iPhone for posterity.

Here’s Monster peering out the window at me when I got home from dropping our car off at the shop to get the muffler fixed.

These next couple of pictures are of the amazing sunset on Santa Monica Boulevard when I was going to pick Kristyn back up from her internship.

Here are some pictures on the 101. Kristyn works in North Hollywood.

And here again is the giant Emmy outside of Kristyn’s Internship. So pretty.

After I picked her up, we went to Burbank to see Avatar in IMAX 3D. If you haven’t done it yet, GO. More on that later!

Also, I read from a few sources that January 25th is supposed to be THE worst day for depression amongst Americans? Or citizens of the Earth? (IDK I read it on a blog and on someone’s FB status so take it with a grain of salt, this isn’t Wikipedia.) Anyway, I can attest that I wad seriously bummed out for no good reason yesterday and I’m rarely bummed out for no reason. Now I know to make a contingency plan for all upcoming January 25ths.

Although I DID watch two episodes of “Maude” and it helped to pull me out of my doldrums. It was the one where Maude ends up “preggy”. Rue McClanahan is in this episode. So…awesome…

Also, Betty White got a lifetime achievement award at the SAG Awards the other day!!! Must YouTube. I’ll do it later, right now I feel like reading my book (I’m on a bus.)

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