Happy 30th Birthday Kristyn!

This past Friday (January 22nd) was Kristyn’s 30th Birthday!  She was kind of bummed out that we are in LA for her birthday and we wouldn’t be able to celebrate it with family and friends.  The one shining spot had been that it wouldn’t be cold and wintry on her birthday.  But THEN, LA decided to cough up a lot of rain which kind of spoiled all our SoCal January Birthday Defiance Plans (such as going to the beach or the boardwalk or some other outdoor activity that we couldn’t do at home on January 22nd).  So she was all booooo…

We don’t have a lot of duckets or free time right now but we both ended up with Kristyn’s birthday off and I had a little stash of duckets that I could use for her prezzies.  So to make up for the rain disappointment, I decided to make sure we had a great birthday indoors.

After work in the 21st, I picked up Kristyn’s car from her job.  I had a couple of idears on what I wanted to get her but wasn’t 100% sure yet.  I took this picture on the Sunset Strip because the size of the “Alice in Wonderland” billboard was astounding.  You can’t tell in this picture, but that poster is the size of like a ten story building or higher.  It’s HUGE.

Sunset Strip

This view is of “the Hills” as seen from my street.  It looks more vast in person.  So pretty.

View of the Hills from Effie Street

For reasons unknown even to moi, I decided to snap a photo of myself in a public restroom.  Here I am in Target’s “watering hole”.  Pretty.

Me in the Target bathroom.

My mother recently watched an entire day of “Toddlers and Tiaras” and was exhausted by the experience.  If I quarrell with my mother before Mother’s Day, I know JUST what to get her, haha.

Something to keep in mind for Mother's Day?

I shopped and shopped and shopped and shopped and shopped.  I was so confused that I began furiously texting Christine for her opinion on the prezzies I’d picked out before realizing that it was 1am on a worknight for her, haha.  Whoops!   So I texted my friend Ana who happened to be on LA time.  She gave me sage advice and off to the cashier it was!
Here is my cart on an escalator.  What?!

Cart going down the escalator.

We were supposed to go out with Ana for a spell but we were all tired and decided that we could eat pie together at another time, haha.
SO, I came home and baked a cake, wrapped my gifts, did some cursory cleaning/decorating and then set off to pick up the birthday girl.

For Kristyn!

When Kristyn got home she wanted to open her prezzies right away but was torn between the immediate pleasure of ripping them open immediately and the extended pleasure of waiting until morning.  She opted to elongate her pleasure by waiting until morning.


I let Kristyn stay in bed while I made brekky and decorated the cake.  Poor thing had to lay in bed and Twitter while I got shite done.
Oh this cake is double-layer Funfetti with Vanilla icing.  Booyah.


I had decided to make this a Twilight-themed party because why not?  If you want to make your 30th birthday memorable, you have a Twi-Mom party, no?  Too bad the Twilight kids all look like zombies on the napkins.  *shrug*

Twi-Mom Themed Birthday!

Here’s the breakfast I made.  Everything bagels with cream cheese, facon, OJ, water & coffee.  We demand many beverages at the breakfast table.

Twi-Mom Brekkie.

Then I want to get Kristyn up out of her stupor.  She said, “Boy I wish that I’d taken a shower before you started taking pictures…”  I said, “It’s your birthday and you don’t have anywhere to go.  Pictures of you unshowered is the PERFECT way to remember your 30th birthday.”  She said, “Okay…” in an unconvincing way.

Get up Krissy!

Like the cruel person I am, I made her take a photo with her uneaten breakfast, haha.

Krissy at Twi-Breakfast.

After breakfast, Kristyn parked it on the couch for prezzy time.

Kristyn with her prezzies.

Her first prezzie wasn’t really a prezzie so much as a snack but she loves her some Sour Patch Kids so there ya go.

Kristyn and Sour Patch Kids, sittin in a tree.

This gift is something that goes with a Wii Game we just bought, “EA Active”.  It’s a workout game that Kristyn really likes doing and she’s been eyeing these one pound hand weights.

Weighted gloves!

I also got her seasons 8 & 9 of Roseanne.  It’s the only two seasons we don’t own.  And THIS is what Ana gave me sage advice on.  I was torn between two different shows and Ana said, “DUH ROSEANNE!”  So, here we are.  Oh and Ana, Kristyn said that was the betta choice so you were right!


One thing about Kristyn is that she is PERMANENTLY cold.  There’s no way to warm her up and I stifle half the time because she has the heat up on 90 with all the windows closed, fans off and three blankets on.  She trails behind me and closes all the windows I open and turns the heat back up when I lower it…SO, Snuggie it is!


Here Kristyn is contentedly smashing her face up against the box, haha.

Here comes Kristyn and Snuggie with a baby carriage!

Here Kristyn is demonstrating all her prezzies.

Snuggified Kristyn.

Cake time!  I had to have her run over to the cake because the candles were  becoming destroyed within uno segundo of lighting them. 

Birthday Cake on Fiyah!

Kristyn did a good job of blowing them all out and made a wish.


Then this happened.  Why not?  It’s HER cake…

Why not?

But THIS needed an explanation though I didn’t get one.  Still, they’re HER candles.


This is how Elvira felt about it.

Elvira's excited.

I made Kristyn do the ceremonial “taking the candles out of the cake” and the “first cut of the cake”.

Ceremonial cutting of the cake.

Kristyn put a poppy seed from the Everything bagels on Edward’s face to make him look like her.  Naturally she put the seed on the wrong side again, haha.

Edward as Kristyn.

Then the mail man came with a box.  Inside the box was this!!!

Kristyn and MJ Duck!

It was from my sister Christine!  Haha…She’d seen it at a store and knew we’d die laughing to behold this and she was right.

In all his glory.

In our excitement over MJ, we threw the box down on the floor, not bothering to look at the rest of the contents inside.

Looking you dead in the eye.

We took pictures of MJ Duck.  We twittered and FB’d him.

Giving Donna Summer a lil smackaroo.

It was two or three days later that Kristyn picked up the box and looked inside.  There was some mail of ours that had come to Christine’s house AND Christine had also sent Kristyn a card and a check for her birthday, haha…Duh.

The most beguiling feature.

 Anyway, we had a relaxing day.  Kristyn downloaded music off iTunes while I crocheted.  We watched episodes of Roseanne and then the Jersey Shore Finale and Reunion episodes.

We got ready and went to Red Robin to take advantage of the birthday burger they’d sent her.  After that, we wanted to go out but weren’t sure where.  We stopped home and watched the final episode of Conan and then decided to walk up to this bar on the corner, Akbar

Akbar got good reviews on yelp and is only up on Sunset and Fountain which is like three blocks away.  It was like a gay male version of the Loop Lounge which was awesome!  The crowd was pretty nice and they played some good music so maybe we’ll spend a coupla Fridays there in the future.

Soon, it closed though so we came home and went to bed.  All in all, it was a good day!

Oh ALSO, our friend Recky put up this website for Kristyn for her birthday, haha…Go to HUMICORN.com!

Also, here’s Kristyn’s take on her own birthday: YKristyn.

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