Today I had a good time at work although I had to read an abridged book and then the nonabridged version immediately following.

I got on the bus and realized I was at my spot too late. I pulled the stop and the bus didn’t actually stop for over ten blocks.

I think this was a revenge plot by my driver since we’d bickered the other day.

I had to walk for twenty minutes to get home.

I took the above picture of the Sunset Junction sign while in my travels.

Also, a man asked me for change, which I didn’t have. He then said, “Hey what’re you reading?!” to which I blandly replied, “Ugh” while waving my hand.

Truthfully I have no idea what the book I am reading is called.

We got a new neighbor named Russell today. I want to say he’s gay but then again, my gaydar doesn’t work in LA so who knows?

I am watching “Ugly Betty” for the first time.

No, I don’t know what’s wrong with me.

That’s all I have to babble for the moment.

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