Woe is me/STFU Coleen

Lap warmer

Guys, I’m a little bummed out today. I tried out for something that I had a serious hunch about and it didn’t pan out. I guess I’d accidentally pinned too much hope on it for some reason. Usually I trust me gut and let things ride and everything works out. But this was BIG. Ah I guess the point is trying though. Not everything can go your way but you have to keep trying.

So, I’m going to allow myself a little self-pity and then get over it. Life’s good.

I guess things are going so well right now that if this thing had happened, it would have been like surreal-good. Like “I don’t know what I did to deserve this” good. This morning I said to Kristyn, “If I don’t get this, I’ll be disappointed and relieved.” I figured I’d have been relieved because of that stupid nagging self-destruct button we all have. If something goes the way you want it to you (or at least I) start immediately looking for the catch, haha.

Ah well, the person I talked to was nice and it’s not like I invested loads of time and energy in this thing, it was just a novel idea that I got sold on and then didn’t get. I think I’m used to being able to like FORCE what I want into existence and this was a thing that was out of my control. Lesson learned, Coleen you are a control freak. As they say, let go and let god. I’ve always had trouble with that shit. Haha.

Anyway, it’s storming here in LA. I went on an errand yesterday for work in the middle of the biggest downpour. As I was leaving, I realized that I didn’t have a coat or an umbrella and I had to take the bus. I asked the girl at reception if she had an umbrella to lend me for about two hours. She gladly lent it to me. Godsend.

Even with the umbrella, I got drenched to the bone but all I could do was laugh. It was fine because I haven’t been in that heavy of a storm in a while, plus whatever. I’m in LA, where I dreamed of being for so long. At one point, I had to remove my shoe and empty it onto the street, THAT is how soaked I got. And some guy saw me doing it and we both just laughed and kept going, trudging on with our little wet missions.

I had to go to Barnes and Noble to pick up a book and when I got there, the girl behind the desk was so damn nice. She said, “Coleen, I know you want to be a good intern, but you MUST think of your health.” She then walked me upstairs and to a back room to get me a clear plastic garbage bag to put over myself like a poncho. She even double-bagged the books so they wouldn’t get wet in my canvas book bag. So…nice.

My next goal was to pick up a floral arrangement. Considering that I was shrouded in a plastic bag and carrying an umbrella, this was going to be interesting. I also had no idea what I was going to be picking up. WELL, the arrangement was GIGANTIC, haha. The proprietor found out that I was going to be taking the bus and absolutely INSISTED on driving me back to work. I tried to tell her I’d be fine (although I have no idea how that would have worked) but she was all, “Don’t be ridiculous Cousin Larry”. She had a couple of arrangements to make and then closed her shop up, carried the arrangement to the car and drove me back to work. Can you believe that?! How nice…

So you see, guys, I don’t have anything to be sad about. Life is good, people are good, I’m good. That re-telling actually just made me feel a lot better. I told Kristyn about all this and she was like, “See now THAT shit deserves a blog post.” I concurred but I’m glad I chose to do it when I had a reason to be bummed, haha.

Kristyn just got to work right now and said it’s ridiculous outside. Again, I forgot my umbrella but I did manage to bring a jacket. Go Coleen!

Oh AND, on the way to work today, our stupid tailpipe fell off, haha. Kristyn is driving me to my internship when we hear this dragging behind us. The muffler’s fine but I guess the tailpipe rusted off. We brought it to the guys around the corner from our house. They just ripped the tailpipe off, gave us a clean bill of health and told us to bring it back when we had a hot minute. So THAT is what we’re going to do this weekend.

ALSO, it is Kristyn’s 30th Birthday on Friday so apart from “car toiling” we are gonna have us some fun if it kills us.

ALSO, our friend Ana is in town on bidness and we’re hoping to see her before she leaves. She actually ran into Calista Flockheart and Harrison Ford last night! We REALLY need to start trolling LA a little bit more for fun celeb sightings, haha.

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