The Lost Supper

Guys. The premiere of the last season of Lost is imminent and I am so bummed out/excited. I’m bummed out because I only just started watching this show last Spring. I have to confess that I’m a total hater. When this show came out, I tried to watch an episode but didn’t really give it a chance because of the following two reasons:

a) I had no idea what the plot was about. It seemed too desert islandy/science fictiony/actioney. (These things are all true but it’s so much more than that.)

b) I don’t trust the taste of the general public. Anything that “America” tends to get off on, I usually have trouble understanding. I don’t know if that’s a haterish snob tendency I have or if America at large is too easy to please. Like American Idol is an American obsession that I just can’t wrap my mind around. It’s too cheesy and I just can’t watch it.

So an island full of gorgeous castaways? No thank you.


Last Spring, me and Kristyn had been watching the entirety of the Buffy the Vampire series and were looking for something new to watch. Angel seemed like a good choice but we just couldn’t get into it. Kristyn* is even more of a hater than I am so she REALLY had no interest in Lost. My sister and our friends Vanessa, Mike and Tiffany are Lost fans so I’d been inclined to give it a try since they have good taste. (Plus Mike and Vanessa were also going through their “Buffytimes” and I related to ther tv-watching sensibilities.)

SO at Blockbuster one night (hisss) we combed through the TV DVDs and came up empty. With a sigh, I said, “Lost, let’s just try Lost. We’re looking for an obsession, people become obsessed with this, let’s give it a shot.” Kristyn grumbled but caved and we brought it home.

We put it on and figured we’d give it “the old college try” before rejecting it.

Oh. My. F’n. God.

From jumpstart that show just grabs you. Our jaws were on the FLOOR. Sparing you all the gory details, we watched seasons 1-5 nonstop until we were done. Incredible. It’s like reading a really awesome book. And from me, that is a big compliment. America, I do apologize for my hateration. You were right and I was wrong.

SO, Kristyn’s parents gave her Season 5 on DVD for Christmas and we watched the whole thing already. Kristyn’s mind is crazy and she is able to predict what’s gonna happen next on every show (even Lost, I know) but even she was surprised how that season ended.

So I’m excited to watch it real time with y’alls but I’m sad that I won’t be able to do it again bc it’s the last season!!! Boo!

And not to brag (yes to brag) but we saw Claire at the supermarket. The lady who works there said they’ve been filming in the area and Kristyn saw a couple shoots on Sunset by our house. I hope it was Lost! How exciting if it was!!!

So anyway these pictures are called “The Lost Supper” and were released recently to promote the new season. Knowing Lost, they’re probably teasers.

And guys, if you don’t watch this show, all I ask is that you rent the first DVD and watch the first episode. If you don’t like it, fine. But I doubt it.

*I should clarify here that Kristyn is *NOT* a jerk. She is a discerning tv-watcher is all as am I. I’m more curious/a bigger couch potato/pop culture junkie so I am more interested in checking things like this out whereas Kristyn feels like “Why bother if I’m not interested?”

One thought on “The Lost Supper

  1. Hahaha, thanks for the disclaimer! It just that predictable plots (or shows that use the same plot device every single episode) make me crazy. Unless the characters are interesting enough to me that I can get past simple plots. OR the show has to be so bad it’s good!

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