Laundromat Scandals

Guys, I just made myself become naked in the Laundromat by accident!!! I am wearing a dress and when I went to lift the clothes out of the basket to put them in the dryer, I accidentally lifted the hem of my dress skyward. I could have blinded somebody!

It reminds me of the time in first grade that I accidentally flashed a little boy named Ben Lunn. He sat next to me and had a crush on me. I knew it but wasn’t interested in being boyfriend and girlfriend. Anyway we were sitting in class, watching something on the projector and I was bunching up the bottom of my shirt in my hands. Little by little I was gathering more and more of the fabric in my hands. Suddenly I felt Ben’s eyes on me. I turn toward him and realize in horror that I have gathered the material so high that he was about to stick a quarter in my Osh Kosh B’Gosh’s. Slut.

I think it was that same year that he stole a ring from his mother and gave it to me. My Mom made me give it back. It was pretty and I kind of didn’t want to but I was also afraid of commitment. Therefore I was relieved to give it back.

Here is my progress on the blanket today:

Here’s Kristyn being forced to hold my blanket AND pose for a picture:

Here’s a fathead:

Two nerds:

Me in a dryer:

Kristyn in a dryer:

Kristyn said, “I think I’d really like to go in there but I know I’d get no rest.”:

Bonus Edith picture from last night:

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