Me and Kristyn have been very busy lately and haven’t had a helluva lot of time to have fun. This past Friday, we decided to go out to go job-hunting and figured that Universal Studios City Walk was as good a place as any to look. Unfortunately the job hunting didn’t pan out BUT we managed to have a good time. Here’s what we did.

This is a machine that actually makes you fly.  Those two red things toward the top are an instructor and a person flying.  Oh it costs $40 a MINUTE for this pleasure.

Here’s King Kong scaring the locals:

Here’s an awesome candy store called “It’s Sugar”. 

I wish I’d remembered to take more pictures of the store itself but I was really impressed by the “Make Your Own Chocolate Bar” service.  You can take any candy you want in the store, give it to the people and have them set it in your choice of White Chocolate, Milk Chocolate or Dark Chocolate.  INCREDIBLE!!!

Here is a gigantic statue of Marilyn Monroe made completely out of jellybeans.  Look at how mini Kristyn is standing next to her!

Here’s a more up close look at her.  I just had to touch it.  Her chin was freaky looking though and we didn’t like it.

Naturally it wasn’t until afterwards that I saw the “DO NOT TOUCH” sign.  But check out those figures!

This sign says something to the effect that “Through these arches pass the most beautiful women in the world”.  I concur.

Here I am fooling around taking pictures while Kristyn’s looking for shit.

If I had seen this sock store when I was fifteen, I would have had a titty attack of epic proportions.

Here I am looking like I need a piece of ricepaper to blot my t-zone.

Krissy sitting and iPhoning.  My back hurt so I made up park it for a hot minute.

Kristyn found this store.  It was awesome.  It’s a Mexican candy store.  What WHAT?!

I have been looking for these all OVER.

I NEED these.  Although frankly I don’t know what I’d do with them.  STILL.

This is an entire rack of candy cigarettes.  I shit you not.  There are even chocolate candy ciggs in there.  Don’t be jealous.

One of my best friend Karen would shit over this candy display.  I’ve never seen so much Tamarind candy gathered in one spot in my LIFE.

All this candy was enough to make this white girl’s tongue curl up and hide down the back of her throat.  Mexican people are NO JOKE guys.  All that you see below is “candy”.  “Candy” that are like jalepenos coated in chili powder.  *Bow down* (just don’t give me any, thank you)

Here are any kind of bug you can imagine dipped in chocolate.  Valentine’s Day is coming.

Here are some actual choclates.  They had an awesome selection of fudge and chocolate candy too.

There was also a surprising amount of chocolate-covered bacon.  I don’t eat meat anymore so I couldn’t partake but man was I tempted.

This is just the way it looks there:

Sports fans, I thought you’d get a kick out of this:

This guitar is the size of a building.  It’s HUGE.

Here I am walking up to it.

I’m sitting beneath it at this point.

Here we were on an escalator going up to the food court.  It looks like we’re going up into a space ship.

We got Chinito finally (thank god).  We got General Tso’s Tofu (sort of).  Then they gave us this beeeeutyful Fortune Cookie:

And look it’s dipped in white chocolate!  SO GOOD that even Kristyn liked it.

Then we went to the movies to see “Twilight: New Moon” at AMC.  This Popcorn is huge.

While I was taking the above picture, the ticket guy was hollerating at Kristyn for not presenting me.  Here she is pointing me out so he won’t knife her. 

And here is an unrelated shot of Elvira and Monster looking adorbs.  You’re welcome.

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