Addled Mind: Serial Mom

Serial Mom is just one of those movies that I can’t get over. Me and Kristyn lose our shit over this movie on a regular because it’s one of our favorites. This is, of course, a John Waters movie and combined with Kathleen Turner, it’s just a total masterpiece as far as I’m concerned. Kathleen Turner is at her total best as a happy-go-lucky Donna Reed-type mother who just happens to be a serial killer. She’s a “pre-Larry David” Larry David. She genuinely finds murder satisfying but does it in situations where social conventions or politeness has been breached. She manages to murder A LOT without anyone suspecting her for a while, leading a total double life. I just can’t with this movie.

I have posted a lot of videos because I just couldn’t choose between my favorites so I’ll post short descriptions ahead of them so you don’t have to watch all of them if you don’t want to (but you should).

In this scene, Beverly is making vulgar prank calls to her neighbor, Dottie Hinkle. It’s the infamous “PUSSYWILLOW” scene that has to be mentioned along with this movie:

Here is where shows Dottie that she’s been making the prank calls. Hysterical:

A slice of Beverly’s Donna Reed personality at work:

Beverly’s husband is a doctor. When Mrs. Sterner forces Beverly’s husband to go into the office on a Saturday morning for a trivial concern, Beverly decides to kill her. Beverly’s family are already onto her serial killing tendencies and call the police. The police show up and find Mrs. Sterner’s son masturbating in bed, haha:

Beverly’s son Chip works at a video store. Mrs. Jensen always returns her videos without rewinding them so Chip finally decides to charge her the extra dollar. Mrs. Jensen is rude to Chip about it and Beverly sees it:

Beverly breaks into Mrs. Jensen’s house to kill her while she’s watching “Annie”. She stops to give a kiss and a little slice of meat to Mrs. Jensen’s dog. Haha…If I weren’t such a good citizen, I might BE Beverly.

So if you’ve seen this movie, then I hope you enjoyed it. If you haven’t, do yourself a favor. Ricky Lake is in this shit!!! (And I got to go on her show once but that’s another story for another time.) (I met John Waters once also but that too is another story for another time…)

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