Banana Tootsie Pop

Not as good as you think

Dudes, I am a life-long Tootsie Pop-lover.  Ask my mother how many bags of Tootsie Pops she’s been forced to buy me over the years.   I love all flavors except for the blue one.  It seems like I’m not wired to like blue candy.

I am at work and walked past the kitchen on the way to the bathroom.  There’s a bunch of communal food someone left from a meeting laying out.  I saw two yellow-wrappered Tootsie Pops sitting amongst the debris.

I never take anything when they put out food in the communal area because I’m an Intern and new here.  But nobody, I mean NOBODY, gets in between me and a Tootsie Pop, especially one that says, *GASP* “Banana”, on the label.  I swiped them both.

I’m eating one right now as we speak and I’m here to say that I am let down.  Some people cannot stand faux-banana flavor but I LOVE it.  I like real banana flavor and I like that sickly “Runts” flavor too.  But this?  I *guess* it’s akin to that sickly “Runts” flavor but it’s not strong enough.  I really like the chocolate flavored Tootsie Pop because the “pop” part is kind of thicker and opaque than the other flavors.  It makes for kind of a weird textural experience on your tongue, I find.

I really thought I’d find the same thing here.  I mean bananas are thick.  They’re not watery like cherries and raspberries and oranges.  But no, it’s see-through and the flavor kind of reflects that.  It’s almost as if they couldn’t decide between lemon and banana and chose to add the banana flavoring at the last second in production.

I mean, I’m *eating it*.  And I’m sure I will eat the other one eventually.  But I can’t say that I’m not a little let down.  Here I thought I was embarking on the candy version of the Holy Grail and I’ve just been brought back down to Earth.

I wonder who put these out and I wonder where you can even buy them?  From a preliminary googie search, I found that you can buy them online but I think they’re not really on the market for any Tom, Dick and Angela to get their stubby paws on.

Thank god, I’m getting to the Tootsie part of this experiment.  Ugh.

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