Kristyn is a Unicorn

I’m sure it won’t surprise you to find out that Kristyn is also a unicorn. She knew she was a unicorn since before she met me. I actually helped her out of her unicorn closet before stepping out of my own. Together we’ve leaned on each other when times have gotten tough. When someone unicorn bashed me (aka mistook me for Mr. Ed’s wife), she was right there. When her ‘corn didn’t come out looking right in the morning, I fixed it with a curling iron. We’ve stood up for each other in the face of all forms of unicorn discrimination and now we want to lead the others into the light of the shimmering rainbow.

We are unicorns, hear us roar!

Oh and read her blog while you’re welcoming her into the light of the shimmering rainbow. (And look she is standing directly inside of it! That’s me on the far left in silhouette. I know I cut a dazzling figure, I have a ‘corn but doesn’t affect my peripheral vision.):

This is a proud day.

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