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I haven’t written a bloggy blog in a while that wasn’t from the wayback machine or involving some kind of bullshit from YouTube. And as it turns out, I’ve got some time to kill. I’ll put the events bullet point so you don’t fall asleep between subjects. If one subject interests you and not the next, you’ll be able to skip around. Doesn’t that make things easier?:

* Things are going well in here LA still. NO, I still haven’t found a job. YES, I’m still looking. NO, no one’s calling. YES, I wish I had money.

* That being said, I am very happy at my internship. Everyone here is very nice and I am really enjoying the work which is great. I doubt a job will materialize out of this since the economy is in the shitcan but I *did* spy with my little eye, a gaggle of confused people being trucked past with folders in their hands. I’m assuming they’re not a tour group because no one needs to look at people sitting in cubicles, even if it is in a movie company. SO I think they might’ve been new hires. Also, and this is a total leap of my imagination, I think an intern from last semester may have been hired and started today. She could also just have been visiting but something about her presence was kind of “heyhowyadoing” combined with a smack of “hereIamrememberthatyouloveme”. So I’m thinking she was hired? I hope so because at least that means maybe someone is take pity on us adorable minions.

* Whatever. My big problem at the moment is getting to NJ on February 13th for my Nana’s 80th Birthday. Pretty much, this is only happening in my head. The lights are still on but we’re definitely behind and with no one calling me and only Kristyn’s salary, it’s kind of a no win situation. I’m not throwing in the towel yet because I’ve found a way to pull through in weirder, more impossible situations but typically in those situations, I have a job. And that job brings money. And that money can be shifted around to fit the situation. And in this situation that money is nonexistent. So it looks like Skype it is. I’m really bummed out about this because I’m an idiot and didn’t realize that this was happening this year. I’d really dwelled on leaving my family when I decided to move to LA but came to terms with it. I figured that I’d visit when I was on my feet and that’d be that. I’m not homesick yet so I’m A-OK to stay right where I am. BUT I wasn’t mentally prepared to miss this party and it’s weighing on me. I’m okay, just bummed out. Soon I’ll have a job, soon we’ll be able to make it home. The party will have passed but we’ll still have a good time. I just wish I could have been there. Boo.

* The white cat didn’t come back that I’ve seen. I checked the food/water situation at the back door a coupla times and nada. Either he’s still slithering through our walls or he’s taken off to find a less combative mistress. Who can blame him?

* I took down all my Christmas decorations on January 1st but they’d been lolling around on TOP of a box until the other day. I amped myself up with coffee and hopped to it. The stupid boxes the decorations go in were out for the ENTIRE SEASON, we never put them away until it was time to get rid of the shit altogether. And I never got to hang up my Christmas cards which actually ravaged me with guilt and self-loathing. Boo. It was on my to-do list every day, it just kept getting bumped for better ideas like blogging like cleaning.

* We’ve been really into Mimosas lately. What’s funny about the Mimosas is that I’ll have one on Wednesday that makes me feel like I’m Santa in the Macy’s Day Parade and then the next one makes me feel like I’m one of the Backstreet Boys in the Kearny St. Patrick’s Day Parade. You can’t win.

* I was hoping to waste two hours on this blog but it’s 4:17 and I have one hour and 43 minutes left. This is going to be a LONG blog. Even I’m tired of me.

* The reason I’ve been blogging so much lately is because I can’t not. I’m stuck in a mental blogging hurricane of things I probably shouldn’t HAVETO tell you. Whatever. You need to waste a half hour, I need to waste a half hour. Why don’t we do it together in the name of Unicorns the world over?

* We’re still trying to decide what to do for Kristyn’s 30th birthday. She got a little bummed out last night because she’s going to have to celebrate her big 3-0 with little to no fanfare (in the form of a party). I had to remind her that we just celebrated MY big 3-0 with zero fanfare. (We had just finished driving cross-country to LA and didn’t know when, if ever, we’d ever receive another paycheck again. We didn’t want to risk spending any money and I was bummed the f OUT about it. All I’d wanted to do was have a grilled cheese sandwich from In and Out burger, $3 each, and go see “Jennifer’s Body”, $10 each, and we couldn’t do it. So we went to Zuma beach during the day and watched “Medium” at night.) She just wiped her eyes and flipped onto her other side. BUT, I reminded her, she’s starting off a new decade being INDEPENDENT and FREE and WARM (we usually spend her birthday in bone-chilling, frigid climates) and in CALIFORNIA! She sniffled and bitterly agreed. Our plans so far are to either go to the beach or the boardwalk at Venice. We were also considering going to the LA Zoo or bike riding. She also wants to drink beers out on our lanai all afternoon. Also going out to dinner was mentioned. This is going to be a very long day if we do all this shit, haha. Oh I’m DOWN, it’s just there are not enough hours in the day especially since we get up at 1pm if we’re not obligated through excessive force to do anything else.

* We finally bought some things we really REALLY needed. We bought a bed frame which is, by the by, the BEST thing we’ve ever bought besides the mattress itself and the couches. At home, we didn’t have an actual factual bed frame. We had one of those rickety metal jobs that sometimes come with the box spring. It was a nightmare because it always fell apart. Flip onto your side and the bed is caving toward the floor. Ugh. Anyway, the bed frame takes up the ENTIRE room with only a little room to wiggle around the edges but it’s awesome because we can stuff shit under it and the bed is actually more supportive because of it. Lovesit. Also, we finally bought a TV stand with storage and a small bookshelf to put our DVDs on. Thank GOD. We had our TV on a cheapo side table with boxes underneath it filled with DVDs. Now everything looks so neat and is accessible. All of these things basically came with money that Kristyn’s parents gave us so A MILLION THANK YOUS GO TO YOU!!!

* I just had to write a summary on a 500 page book for work and it came out to 14 pages, SINGLE SPACED. I guess I was unintentionally working up quite the evident frustration lather as my boss was like, “Are you freaking out about that? Don’t worry!” I pointed mutely to the number of pages on the screen and he said, “Forget it! So be it!”. Typically he says something along the lines of, “Oh HELL to the no! Just the news, not the weather, cut it DOWN.” Actually, he is much more classy, well-mannered and brief than that so it’s more, “Yeah, that’s a little long. Just the facts.” But if you’re okay with it, I’m okay with it. It was a veeeery detailed book. I’m getting better at this methinks but me being as verbose as I am and he being as brief as he is, it’s a recipe for hilarity. Truthfully it’s a summary and who in their right mind wants to sit down to a 14 page compendium? I really need to learn to highlight the main ideas and screw sections that no one cares about. But it all seems so important! Oh well.

* I noticed that, as a grown woman, I write as if I am a teenaged boy. No judgment, just a stray thought.

* I’m going to cut this out right now. If I come up with something else, you bet your bagpipes I’ll be back.

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