Addled Mind: The Boy in the Plastic Bubble

Another movie that me and Christine just COULD NOT and did not WANT to get over is “The Boy in the Plastic Bubble”.

What, I ask the world at large, is not to love about this movie? It has all the following ingredients for success:

* Unrequited teen love
* John Travolta
* A teen, blonde ingenue
* Some bullies
* Parents that just don’t understand
* A recluse
* A crippling disease
* An oxygen tank
* Disco music
* A very special beach party
* A horse
* Betrayal
* A “first time” (but not in the traditional sense)

I could go on but I think I’ve made my point, no?

In case you have been living under a rock (or only recently came into being – I’m lobbing this directly at the “birthed in the 90’s” people, you know who you are), here is a synopsis.

Based on a true story, a kid is born with no immune system. Against all odds he survives but has to live in a bubble to be protected from all of our disgusting selves basically. He has a bubble in his home, he has a portable one, he has one made of a suit and sometimes he goes into one at the hospital. We meet him when he’s a hormonal teenager in love with the girl next door. It’s hard enough being a teenager without a bubble getting involved in the mix, smell what I’m stepping in? (Debi, that’s for you…)

So anyway, here’s a moment where he’s in the bubble just chilling. I always wanted to hang out with him in there and dance. *sigh*


Here is how he meets the girl and what his current sich is:


And HERE is the part where you have to rip your eyes out and put them in backwards so as not to slide into a deep depression. It’s a spoiler y’alls:


Give a bubble a chance, wontcha?

* Shit, I just watched the ending and it gave me a serious case of the sads.

One thought on “Addled Mind: The Boy in the Plastic Bubble

  1. The thing that’s funny about this is we realized we had about 3-4 copies of the movie between us. It’s certainly a must-have.

    I think you must write about Mask next. Hahaha

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