Addled Mind: House “Ding Dong, You’re Dead”

House is a movie that me and my sister watched constantly. The crazy woman monster used to freak me out and make me laugh as a kid. This movie is NOT the apex of the horror genre at it’s finest but it’s a lot of fun to watch.

Basically a horror writer/former military guy goes to live in his dead aunt’s house because his son is missing and his wife left him. Soon he finds out that the house hates his guts and is trying to cut a bitch. No one believes him and he takes matters into his own hands. And then Wikipedia told me that the ghosts are just trying to reunite him with his son? I don’t remember that little bit of tough love but I like it.

This is one of my favorite horror movie monsters ever just because she looks so damn cool. She might even be a style icon for me:

I can’t hear this song below without thinking of this movie.

“Scary moments”:

5 thoughts on “Addled Mind: House “Ding Dong, You’re Dead”

  1. you don’t remember that he had to go in that jungle door and deal with that combat dude to find his son and bring him back? ugh, looovveeed that movie. ding dong you’re dead. best subtitle, EVER! i have to say, i still look over my should in the lavatory in case there is a wretched dead hand attached to my shoulder.

    • Haha, no now that you mention it I do. IDK I’m weird bc I forget major details of ALL my favorite movies…plot points, character names. My brain is just not built to store that information, haha.

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