A High School Photography Project I Failed

In high school, I and everyone I know, took photography. We were forever and a day having to take pictures of each other doing something or other and ideas began to wear thin. I was assigned a project for photography that was to be a “progression of events”. I racked my brain and racked my brain and came up empty.

It became crunch time (aka the night before the project was due) and I was hanging out at Nick’s house. We were pretty into doing pyramids at the time, there were a good number of people, Nick happened to have a bb gun and Carlos was really into dressing like a murderer. What I’m saying is that all the pieces fell into place. Shall I narrate the sequence of events as they unfold?

“Hey good times guys”
“How’s about us dudes perform a pyramid together?”
“I was JUST gonna say the same thing…”

Bobes (Alex), Nick, Shawn

“Mind if we join you? It seems like you need a second level.”
“Be our guest.”
“Don’t mind if we do.”

Top level of additions are Nicole and Valerie

“Wait for me guys! Wait, who’s that?”

Craig (Greg) gets on the apex and Carlos enters with a gun!

“That is the LAST time you bitches will EVER form a pyramid without me AGAIN!”

Senseless carnage. Also,this picture says, Coleen Barr, period 7, on the back of it, haha

So yeah, I got an “F”. My teacher told me that my “premise was unlikely”. “Really Mr. D? You don’t know us at ALL then, do you?”

Lauren, if you’re reading this, please PLEASE scan the pictures of the contest we entered on “Conflict Resolution” and got disqualified from. AHAHAHAHAHAHA…

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